Day 3 of Spring Break – IMAGERY QUESTION – Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation

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This passage is about reality TV singing contests.

How does the writer’s use of imagery help to convey what it is like inside that ‘reinforced concrete building’? (2)

Inside that reinforced-concrete building, men in black T-shirts and microphone headsets are swarming around like bees, ushering a constant stream of shrieking teenage girls to their seats, testing the sound levels and the auto-cue, ensuring that the audience is primed to clap and scream as loudly as possible once the lights go up. Because this is where, every weekend, the X Factor goes live.

As the theme music is pumped through the studio speakers, it is as though the entire crowd has been electrified by a giant cattle prod. We leap out of our seats as one, arms waving maniacally in the air as each contestant takes to the stage in a blaze of strobe lighting and sequinned backing dancers.

2 thoughts on “Day 3 of Spring Break – IMAGERY QUESTION – Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation

  1. Technique – Similie
    “Swarming Like Bees”
    Just as bees move in a collective dance with the sole purpose to please their queen, so too do the men in black t-shirts move and shimmy around the contestants in a well rehearsed process which ultimately makes the production of the program appear seamless.

    Technique – Metaphor
    Electrified like a Giant cattle prod
    Just as cattle move sharply and swiftly when prodded by the electric stick so too do the contestants move at the same time and in the same heightened, chaotic manner. To the observer, the contestants appear to be controlled by a higher force.

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