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August 28, 2019
by K. Cameron

Some Nursery News – October provision, Tea Towels and the dangers of bringing snacks from home.


If you need a place for your child at nursery over the October week, we have forms to apply for these in the Nursery.  Please just ask.  The places will be at Clober Nursery as our nursery is having work done in the children’s toilet area over the October week.  The form has to be returned directly to our nursery by Friday 13th September.  This is important as, if your application is after this date we may not be able to accommodate your request.  If you have any questions about the provision or the form, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff.



If you missed out on buying a Nursery Tea Towel before the end of term, the good news is that we still have a few left.  They cost £6 each.  If you would like one, please just ask any member of nursery staff.  The profits from these are going into our nursery funds.




Recently some of our little people have been nipping out to the cloakroom to have some snack brought from home, from their pockets and bags.  This year we have children with severe allergies in our nursery and have to be very careful with the foods available.  Fruit is available every day for our children for snack, with a drink of milk or water.  If children bring in their own snacks, there is a danger that other children might inadvertently eat them.  Please could you make sure your child does not bring any food into nursery.  Thank you for your co-operation with this.

August 28, 2019
by K. Cameron

Pre-school children – Care Plan Review.

Over the next week, we are reviewing the details we hold about our children that attended our nursery last year.  We have to make sure that our contact details for parents and medical information are all current and relevant.  We would really appreciate it if parents would take some time to look over their child’s plan and alert us to any changes.  If you haven’t already done this, please just ask your child’s keyworker for their plan and take a few minutes to check it over for us.

We are also always keen to hear what your child is interested in at the moment, so we can follow up on this, if they want us to, in nursery. Thank you

August 26, 2019
by K. Cameron

Getting Sporty!

We are getting very active and sporty over the next few weeks –  this Wednesday, we are having 2 Tennis taster sessions from  James Thow- a coach with Tots Tennis, at Milngavie Tennis Club.   He is going to run a morning session and also one for our afternoon children.  Maybe we have a future Wimbledon champion within our ranks?

Next Thursday we have our first SFA coaching session for our pre-school children and,  on Monday 9th September, our wee ante-pre-schoolers are having a taster session of Enjoy-A- Ball- a fun class designed to teach ball skills.

Mondays are our days for using the gym in the school’s  Infant Department.  Gym sessions are always good fun, with warm up games, challenges on the apparatus, team games, parachutes and lots of other fun, as well as a nice, relaxing cool down session.  Using the school gym is great – the children become familiar with the infant building and we have the chance to see how our friends who went to school last year are faring. We get lots of practice at putting on our coats and hats and changing our shoes – independence skills we are going to need!   There is lots of space to run and play and the gym is particularly useful when the weather is horrible and we have lots of energy to use up.  We have to make sure that the children have appropriate footwear for the gym – gym shoes are best.  Please make sure your wee one has their name on their shoes, coats, hats etc-  it is very easy to lose un-named items,  particularly over at the gym!!  Even initials written on the label in indelible marker help us reunite belongings with their owners.  You can even borrow one from the nursery office!!   Many thanks for your help with this.

August 26, 2019
by K. Cameron

Parents as Partners in Learning

Mastering writing her name – a huge achievement and a culmination of the development of both gross and fine motor skills.

Mark making – the role of gross and fine motor skills!

This is our first ‘Parents as Partners in Learning’ blog post. The aim of these posts is to highlight ways we can work together to support children’s learning and development.

This post takes a closer look at gross and fine motor skills and the role they play in mark making (early scribbling): the first step to drawing and writing.

Gross motor skills involve large movements such as crawling, walking, climbing and jumping. At nursery we provide lots of experiences for gross motor development – exploring outside, biking, large scale art, dance, football and tennis (and that’s just this week!). These activities support children to strengthen their trunk, neck and shoulder muscles which develop the posture, control and coordination needed for mark making.

When a child is drawing a picture they apply their fine motor skills to hold and move their pencil or crayon with precision. At nursery lots of activities support the development of children’s fine motor skills: little hands and fingers are strengthened by peeling and cutting fruits at snack time or squeezing water from a sponge at the water tray; also tracing, threading beads and using scissors support hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

We are very aware of all the active and energetic activities that children do at home.  All of these contribute to your child’s preparation for writing.  Upper body strength is crucial to the development of pencil grip and pencil control.  In encouraging them to be active, you are helping them develop the skills they will need for handwriting and drawing.


August 22, 2019
by K. Cameron


Apologies for the very short notice – we have just been told that our Nursery group photos will be taken tomorrow, in the upper school gym.  Our Morning group will be taken at 10.30am and our afternoon children will be taken at 1pm.

If your child does not normally attend on a Friday, you are very welcome to bring them in for the photo.  You will have to wait with them in the gym till the photo is taken.  This sometimes takes up to 20 mins.

The photographer is just taking a group photo tomorrow.  She will be back at the end of October to take individual and sibling photos, perfect for family Christmas presents!

August 21, 2019
by K. Cameron

Thanks to Eric we’ve got building ambitions!

The roof is on!

Building the frame

Eric Avenier, Emile’s daddy, has been creating a fabulous wee meeting house for us in our playground.  He has sourced pallets and reused wood and built a wonderful wee place with internal benches for us to sit on, for stories and discussions and a wee shop awning for retail role play!!!!  The children are so excited about this- they had a chat with Maureen about going out to have a closer look at what Eric was doing and they thought about how they could keep safe while doing this.  They discussed this and decided to wear hard hats and goggles, because, ” That is what builders wear.”

Outside, Eric talked to them and told him what he was doing.  They had a really good look at all the special tools that he was using to cut the wood and join it together.  Some of them even had a turn of using the hammer and nails.

Eric has sparked real interest in building and we are planning to develop a new woodworking area outside the nursery beside the mud kitchen, with a work bench and proper woodworking tools (closely supervised of course!), to extend the children’s experience and interest in construction.

Listening to Eric

Building sites are exciting places, but we have to be very careful.



August 21, 2019
by K. Cameron

SFA Football Coaching Available for Our Pre-School Children

This year, our football coaching session will take place on Thursday -9.50- 10.30am.  It is going to run for 10 sessions and the cost for this is £10.  There will be a letter out to pre-school parents with payment details this week.

These sessions are great fun – the children learn ball skills and rules, through fun games,and the coaches are always super-enthusiastic and supportive.  The sessions take place in the infant gym in the lower gym.

If your pre-schooler does not normally attend nursery on a Thursday, you can still bring them along for the session, as long as you can stay with them in the gym.  It’s lovely to see the children’s  progression over the weeks and their confidence grow as their skills develop.

Our ante-pre-school children will have a chance to take part in this next year.

August 19, 2019
by K. Cameron

Treat Fund



Our Treat Fund is a very important when it comes to supplying our children with healthy snacks, baking materials,  a birthday book, food for our parties and a Christmas Present  throughout the course of the year.   We rely on these parental donations to provide these things, which enhance our children’s nursery experience.   The cost per session is £0.50 and £0.80 per full day .  Full day children have at least 2 snacks per day, often 3.  Donations can be paid termly, or yearly in cash or by cheque made payable to “Milngavie Nursery Fund”.  We would be very grateful to have 1st term donations in by the end of September, to allow us time to find, and buy, our  Christmas Presents in plenty of time.   Please put them, in an envelope with your child’s name on, in the black post box in the nursery hall.   Many thanks!


Sessional Children

Sessions per wk Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Cost for whole year
5 sessions £42.00 £30.00 £21.50 £93.50
4 sessions £33.50 £24.00 £17.00 £74.50
3 sessions £ 25.00 £18.00 £13.00 £56.00
2 sessions £17.00 £12.00 £ 8.50 £37.50
1 session £ 8.00 £6.00 £4.00 £18.00


Full Day Children

Days per week Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Cost for whole year
5 full days £ 67.20 £ 48.00 £ 34.40 £149.00
4 full days £ 53.60 £ 38.40 £ 27.20 £119.00
3 full days £40.00 £ 28.20 £ 20.80 £  89.60
2 full days £ 27.20 £ 19.20 £ 13.60 £  60.00
1 full day £ 12.80 £ 9.60 £  6.40 £ 28.20


If your child combines sessional days with full days, you will have to add up the relevant amounts.  If this does not make sense or you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask.  Calculations have been done on 3 terms of 84, 60 and 43 days taking into account the inservice days and holidays.  Children do not start till half way through a term will receive an amended bill.


August 19, 2019
by K. Cameron

Many Thanks to our Amazing PTA- Snappy Sounds is Back!

A huge thank you to our lovely PTA for funding our music sessions again this year.  We have an amazing music specialist – Susan Tighe – who has been part of our nursery for many years.  Susan’s own children attended our Nursery!  Her music sessions are active and fun.  She introduces us to a wide variety of music and instruments and teaches the basic musical concepts with lots of warm enthusiasm.  Mr Snappy, Susan’s constant companion, has a wee backpack and every session he brings something different to show us.  This week he brought an inflatable globe – we looked at where Scotland was and then Susan showed us the continent of Africa.  Our music this week was African – from the Lion King- with rhythms that made us want to dance!  We all love Snappy Sounds sessions on a Friday – it is a lovely way to celebrate the end of the week and we always learn something new and interesting!

Susan and Mr Snappy

August 14, 2019
by K. Cameron

1 Sleep till Nursery starts!!

We are so looking forward to welcoming all our children, returning and new, tomorrow.  We have been changing our nursery over the summer and have some lovely new areas for exploring, and exciting new resources to try out.  Our garden is like a jungle – all the beans, peas, potatoes and garlic have been growing very fast over the summer and there is a huge new pitch in our orchard, which we will be playing in very soon!

We hope you are as excited as we are about coming back and are ready for a really amazing year at Milngavie Nursery!

We have a super new area for transient art activities

Look what Emile’s dad, Eric, is building for us in our playground!

Come and make a cup of tea in our beautiful house corner

We have created a wee meeting area in our hall- great for reading or for having a chat with friends!

There are lots of great stories to read in the book corner!

Look at the lovely table set in the house corner!

There’s a new, corner position for our construction area! Our wee builders are going to love it!

We’ve got some apples on our wee trees!

We’re all set to write stories on the Mighty Writer Board

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