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July 29, 2020
by Ms C McMenemy

Welcome to our new Early Years Support Worker Shona!

We are delighted to introduce Shona who has joined Milngavie EYC as an Early Years Support Worker.

Shona has a range of skills and experience and is an excellent addition to our team.

We asked Shona a few questions to help us all get to know her a little better before the start of next session.

What do you like about the nursery?

All the lovely staff & the cosy story corner with the big couch! I am really looking forward to meeting all the lovely children too. I have heard so much about them!

What is your favourite hobby?


What is your favourite snack?

Chocolate digestives or strawberries

Do you have a favourite colour?

Yes, I like purple.

Do you have a favourite activity that you like to do in nursery?

I like making collage pictures. 

Do you have a favourite animal?

I like giraffes.

Do you have a favourite book?

Yes, I like ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’.


July 28, 2020
by Ms C McMenemy

Parent and Carer Survey Link

The last few months have set unprecedented challenges for us all. Through lockdown and the phasing process our priorities have been: maintaining relationships with our community; continuity of learning and support for our families; working to ensure provision of key experiences such as graduation and transition; supporting the needs of vulnerable children and families; and staff wellbeing.

The Milngavie EYC staff team have responded to these challenges in a number of ways. Please see below a link to our Parent/ Carer survey (we ask that the views of children are also included in your responses).  The purpose of this survey is to gauge the effectiveness of our actions over the last few months. Your feedback is important to us and will be used to plan future activities and make improvements.

Please take a few moments to complete our survey. Thankyou.

July 27, 2020
by K. Cameron

Come Fly With Me this week at the Virtual Nature School

This week I am participating in a course, run by Claire Warden, designed to give parents and Nursery Practitioners new ideas for outdoor play with their children.  It is based on Claire’s Talking Tub approach to learning where children are asked to explore ideas from photos and objects found in a talking tub and then go and investigate themselves.  It is great fun and really deepens children’s (and adults’) understanding of the natural world.  All the resources used in her investigations are easily found at home.

It has been funded by the Scottish Government and is free.  This week the topic is The Joy of Flying and this morning’s film investigates dandelion seeds and parachutes.  The 20 minute sessions are broadcast on a youtube channel at 10am each morning this week and can be watched live.  The link for a recording of  this morning’s session is

If you would like to fully participate in this weekly course, there is a private Facebook page for East Dunbartonshire where you can upload any photos or videos of the fun you have trying the activities.  The address for this is

Alternatively you might want to put your photos on your learning journal!

I am excited to be part of this course – Claire Warden is a real outdoor play guru and her ideas are always really exciting.  When I get back to nursery we will continue to participate in this daily outdoor learning, and will be able show you what we do on our Learning Journals.

I realise that not everyone will be in a position to commit to a whole week of daily activities, but it may give some fun ideas for trying on walks  when out and about or when playing in the garden (if the weather gets a bit drier!)

This morning’s doesn’t really get going till 5 minutes in, so fast forward or just bear with it – the joys of youtube technology!   I really hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!


July 24, 2020
by Ms C McMenemy

Preparations for next session! Consultation with children.

We are enjoying preparing for the start of the new nursery session. We have decided to buy some new stickers for our children’s toilets and would like to consult with the children on what the new theme should be.

At Milngavie Early Years Centre children’s views are really important. We want our children to feel a sense of ownership of the centre. By being consulted our children feel listened to and respected, and learn that what they have to say has value.

Please explain to your child that the nursery is buying new stickers for the children’s toilets and that we would like them to help us to choose a theme.

From our children’s interests last session we have made a short-list: flowers, dinosaurs, sea-life (see photos).

Please ask your child if they would like to see DINOSAURS, FLOWERS, SEA-LIFE or a COMBINATION of all 3 themes in the children’s toilets and leave a comment indicating their choice.

Thankyou 🙂



June 24, 2020
by K. Cameron

Its the end of term!

Today is the last day of term – though it doesn’t feel much like it!  On behalf of all the staff at Milngavie EYC, I would like to wish all our lovely children and families, a very happy summer break.  Hopefully the sun will shine on us and the R numbers will continue to fall.

Thanks to everyone who has returned their graduation cloak and hat.  If you haven’t managed to do so, we can remind you at the start of the next term.  Thanks to Matthew Revie, who reminded me to tell you that if your child is leaving nursery, you can download their  Learning Journal to your computer as a pdf, so you still have all their pictures and achievements to look back on as they grow.  There is a button on the Learning Journal underneath your wee one’s profile picture which says “Convert to PDF”.  Follow the instructions and you can then save it and keep it.  You can do this until August, when we archive our files for children going to P1, or who have moved to another nursery.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our ante-pre-school children back in August.  Allocations of places have had to be re-done and parents will be sent notification in the next few weeks.






June 22, 2020
by K. Cameron

A Very Fond Farewell!

Many thanks to our Super-mums, Giselle and Kate for making our day such a special one for all our wee stars of the show.  Kate moved mountains to bring us our disco despite a technical disaster that would have caused most of us to admit defeat. The Party Shed was a brilliant alternative venue and it was just amazing to see all the wee faces, we’ve been missing for months, all in the one screen!

Our graduation film was lovely and I bet there was hardly a dry eye in the house!  If you would like to download it to your own computer, Giselle is giving me the link to do this, and I’ll post it on the Learning Journals site tomorrow.  It’s time limited so if you want to download it, you need to do it this week.  If you just want to watch it again, just use the YouTube address you used this morning.

The last day of term is Wednesday.  We would be very grateful if you could drop off any cloaks and hats at the front door of nursery.  If you have left clothing/shoes etc you should be able to pick these up.  There is no access for families, to the building, but staff have been hard at work clearing the cloakroom and should be able to locate your belongings for you!  There will be a big box to put graduation stuff in to save having to hand it over!

We are hoping to have some building work done during the holidays,  and our very own human whirlwind- Lynn Wilson- has been masterminding a cleaning and clearing program to get our nursery ready for the workmen.  There will be no access to the building at all for staff either, from Thursday onwards so please collect your things and return graduation kit over the next 2 days!

Thanks for your help with this!

Some people have had socially distanced graduation parties today.  We hope you had fun! This is Josefina’s beautiful cake made by her very clever mummy, Ana! Wow! Delicious!

June 21, 2020
by K. Cameron

Graduation Day is upon us!!!!

Monday 22nd June is a very special day for all the pre-school children at Milngavie Early Years Centre.  It’s graduation day and because of the Corona Virus Lockdown, we are not able to celebrate in the school hall with all our friends, as we usually do.

Instead – this year- we are going to watch our wee graduates on a special film specially created from photographs by Giselle Avenier – Emile’s mum.  We hope that we can all sit down in our homes to watch this at 10am and that we will enjoy it apart, but together.  The link for the film will be put on the Learning Journals on Monday morning.  We are doing it this way to avoid it being published in the public domain, in the interests of our children’s  privacy.  It is perfectly ok to download this video or  share the link with grandparents, aunties, uncles etc, but we would ask that no one posts it on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube or any other public social media.

Our wee ante-pre-schoolers might like to watch it to see their friends who are setting off on their big school adventure in August.

I really hope you enjoy the film – Giselle has worked incredibly hard and has made it really special by putting special backgrounds on each of our wee one’s quotes and creating a wonderful wee film which will be lovely to keep, to look back on when they’ve all grown up!

At 11am – Kate P – Eilidh’s mum, has organised a Zoom Disco for us, so we can have a chance for a bit of physical celebration together.  I have put the Zoom address on the Learning Journals Message service so you should receive it in an email .  Any problems – let me know!

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow.  We are so proud of all our children and are thankful that Giselle and Kate P have made it possible to give them a great virtual send off!  Thanks too, to our wonderful keyworkers who delivered all the cloaks, hats and scrolls and the mums and dads who sent in the photos and comments for our Graduation Film.


June 17, 2020
by K. Cameron

Would you like to play an Instrument?

That is Susan’s big question for today? She and Mr Snappy are ready, if you would like to join in with your own instruments! She’s got a shaker, her home made tambourine and a wooden spurtle and a wooden spoon- though you could use a 2 wooden spoons if you like!Are you ready to listen and play?

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