Feedback evaluation task

Rachel’s notes were very similar to mine as we both thought the teacher in the video was confident which meant the pupils in his class listened to what he was saying. We also thought that the teacher was enthusiastic about his lessons which allowed the pupils to feel the same. However the teacher did not always make eye contact with his pupils, especially when the register was being taken.

Nothing surprised me about these videos. However I did like the idea of videoing lessons to watch back as this would give teachers the opportunity to examine any positives and negatives about their lessons and work on how to improve them for next time.

If I could take one thing from the video to use when I’m on placement it would be to make eye contact with pupils as much as possible and crouching down to their eye level. This is a good way of getting pupils to focus on tasks.

As I could watch the video in my own time and at my own pace I found it easy to find points of evaluation. However, this may be something I struggle with when I am on my placement.

I am very much looking forward to placement, however there are aspects of it that I’m feeling slightly anxious about, but I’m looking forward to getting started and meeting the class and teacher I will be working with.

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