Dance TDT- Dance a Story

For this section of my portfolio i have decided to use the story Room on a Broom, written by Julia Donaldson.

The experience and outcome i have chosen is:

I have the opportunity and freedom to choose and explore ways that I can move
rhythmically, expressively and playfully. EXA 0-08a

I have included the music to be played during the warm up which will be a game called ‘Sweet Shop’. This warm up gets children active and also introduces them to movement and levels as they stretch from very high to very low. I will call out a series of sweets and there are instructions to follow each:

  • Bubble gum- stretching your body into long and thin shapes.
  • Twister- turning and twisting in circles both high and low
  • Chocolate bar melting- moving from high to low, sinking and melting to the floor
  • Rolo- find a way to roll on the ground (pencil roll)

As this lesson is with an early years class- I may have to demonstrate these instructions each time and use vocabulary to aid children’s movement ie. high to low, melt into the ground, stretch long and tall.

After the warm up I will tell the class we are going on an adventure and introduce them to the storybook.

As a class we will start at one end of the room and prepare for our journey as a witch. We will plait our hair, put on long hats and sit on our broomsticks with our cat. We will think about what we might hear and the noises the witch and her cat might make (a wicked laugh and a meow). Then we will travel around the room on our broomsticks listening to the harsh wind- imitating our witch. Suddenly, a big gust of wind nudges us to the side and blows our hat of our head! AAAAAHHH. We need to fly to the ground to find our hats. WHOOSH.

We land in a  forest and search for our hats, we can hear all of the birds in the trees above us. We can feel the crunch of the leaves as we stand on them. The music stops and we suddenly start to hear footsteps coming through the bushes:

As a class we panic and hide- (I may ask for ideas as to what is coming towards us-noises it may make it could be a bear, a tiger etc), when suddenly a big ferocious fluffy puppy runs towards us. AWWWWWW. The dog has our hat! and has asked to join us on our broom. So off we go again flying through the wind.

*I will use the same video for the strong wind*

This time the witch loses her bow! AAAAHHHH. We fly to the ground and this time land in a field. WHOOSH.

As we search through the tall wheat- we listen to the sound of the wind.

Then we hear the flapping of wings. We then pretend to be the bird that we can hear and we imagine how big or little it may be. We travel around the room flapping our wings. Each child’s bird may be different and their choice of travel will be different. In the story a little green bird then appears with the witches bow and also joins us on our adventure.

As we are flying the rain begins to pick up as we cross the rivers and ponds. The rain is so strong the witch cannot see, she is holding on so tightly to her bow that she lets go of her wand! AAAAHHHHH. We fly back down to the ground. WHOOSH.

We walk through the water and puddles we can hear the sound of the water splashing at our feet. Suddenly we hear a strange noise:

A frog jumps out of a pond! They have our wand! The frog then joins us and we carry on with our adventure.

*Same wind music as previous*

As we travel around the room again on our broomsticks we suddenly hear a loud SNAP:

Our broomstick has snapped and we are met by a dragon! He wants to eat witches for tea!

We all do our best dragon roar and breath fire all around the room.

We continue with the story and our friends come to rescue the witch. We all gather together as the witch brews up a potion in her magic cauldron.

We will use our arms and stir our cauldron with our magic potion, then we will all take a step back and point our wands at our cauldrons and chose our magic spell. (Each child can create their own- we could also create an action to go with our spell). Once the spell is complete the witch has made her new broomstick and she flies off with her new friends. YAY.

After our lesson, we will make a circle and following my instruction we will stretch and relax our bodies to cool down. Stretching our arms in big yawns- reaching up on our tip toes- touching our toes etc. Finally, shaking our bodies from head to toe.

After the lesson we will have a short discussion about the music and dance we have listened to. What was your favourite part of the story? Are there any parts you did not like?  Is there other music you would have used in the story? Which character did you enjoy being most? Discussions with the class are also helpful to ask for anything the class would like to do again- or any ideas they have for next time.

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