Reflection on my Dance Workshop

Today I had my first dance workshop, as part of the teaching across the curriculum module. Although I did extra-curricular dance classes as a child, I was a tad anxious before the class as I was unsure what to expect. At the beginning of the class, we had to copy the dance moves that the tutor was doing as a warm up. I initially felt really self-conscious, but as the activity progressed my confidence grew as we were all in the same boat. Once I felt more relaxed, I really started to enjoy the workshop and began to realise why dance can be so beneficial for children. It allows them to be creative and get some exercise whilst also having fun.

Within the workshop, we were also shown a PowerPoint which opened my eyes to the endless ways that dance can be taught and how easy it can actually be. Before this workshop, if I had been told on placement that I had to prepare and teach a lesson on dance, I would have had no idea where to start. I now feel more prepared and if this situation did arise I would have the resources and knowledge to be able to carry out a lesson with significantly more confidence and belief in myself. One idea that I will be taking on into placement would be the use of interactive dance resources such as Go Noodle. This could be useful in situations where lessons are finished earlier than expected. Through resources like this they are having fun whilst participating in dance. Overall, I have really benefited both personally and professionally after this workshop. My growth of confidence in my ability to teach dance effectively can have a positive impact professionally, as both myself and the children can get the most out of the experiences.

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