Month: May 2021

Grange Tartan

When we came up with the idea to get some tartan buffs for Grange Primary, I had no idea that a Grange Tartan even existed. Lisa Tennant on the Parent Council, an absolute wealth of knowledge on everything Grange, quickly set me straight and I’m so glad, love the Grange Buff!

A former pupil had designed the tartan in a class competition and at the time it was made into scarves and the cushions in the reception area at school.

If you would still like to buy a Grange Buff we will have them for sale at £2.50 at future Grange events.

Grange Parents Give Burns a go

I am completely in awe of our little ones reciting Scottish poems year in year out after this little bit of “Role Modelling.” I don’t know about everyone else but I had to start again about 5000 times to get a few lines right!

Thank you to everyone who took part in this silly (but I hope fun) get to know your Parent Council activity.

Maybe we can showcase our school community spirit trying some other school activities!

How about Grange Parents give…

  • Maths problems a go
  • Musical instruments a go
  • Junk modelling a go
  • Book reports a go
  • Scottish dancing a go

Hmmmm…watch this space. 😂

The Kiltwalk

The Kiltwalk 2021 was a huge success. It was lovely to see so many children and families out and about and active in the week leading up to the Kiltwalk and lovely to see lots of Grange Tartan Buffs about! I felt part of a huge Granger’s gang, it was absolutely brilliant!

Kiltwalk togetherA special thank you goes out to P4A and P5A who walked their socks off all week and raised lots of money along the way inspiring us for the weekend ahead. Huge thanks also go out to everyone who raised and donated money to Grange Primary Parent Council, we are so grateful.

Another big thank you goes out to Lynne Ogg our Fundraising Coordinator for being the driving force keeping us motivated and up to date on Facebook for the whole week, Miss Kean for being our link to school and to Mrs Linton and all of the staff who helped us distribute the Kiltwalk goodies. ❤️

A huge big well done to absolutely everyone that was out and about completing challenges with their families and raising money for their chosen charities. It was a lovely weekend all round. Can’t wait until the next one! 😂

Jacks Garden

We have lots of Grange Parents who are interested in helping to spruce up the garden areas at school and hopefully we’ll be allowed in soon to do just that!

We have also linked up with Monifeith Community Garden and aim to start working together as soon as we can to kick off a thriving community and school garden that will benefit Monifeith and the school. Very excited to get started on this project!

We are soon to be in receipt of a Grow Social pack from the RHS, thank you to Leanne from the Monifeith Community Garden for pointing it out to us. We will keep you posted on how you can get involved. I love their idea of a doorstep plant drop to spread a little sunshine in the community.