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Greater Glasgow and Clyde Substance Misuse Toolkit

The Substance Misuse Toolkit aims to reduce harm caused by substance misuse by: Equipping staff with the knowledge and confidence they require to teach pupils about the effects, risks and consequences of substance use by providing them with a range of materials and methodologies



Get a free copy of inspection materials for teaching about substance use


Talk to Frank  –  Information about drugs


 Know the Score – Facts about drugs


Scottish Drugs Forum– Downloadable resources/factsheets/videos


Drinkaware Stay up-to-date with latest information from Drinkaware about alcohol, health and your wellbeing. Drinkaware Monitor 2020. Read about our latest research and insight into the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the nation’s drinking.


New SDF Substance use Glossary

This glossary was developed originally for SDF board members, staff, trainees and volunteers.In publishing it, SDF aims to improve communication and shared understanding across the drugs field in Scotland by increasing understanding of the language used both in everyday conversation and discussion of drug issues and in more specialist environments. This glossary clarifies the nature of any contention so that people can at least  understand the viewpoints of others and, hopefully, any limitation in their own insight, when they cannot agree. SDF’s own organisational language choices are explained.