Camelon Education Centre (Falkirk), 1400-1600

Participants are expected to attend all sessions

Please bring your own device if possible

IC14a (for Early-Primary)





colleagues will develop their skills of data analysis, focusing on using data for improvement
participants will explore using data effectively to secure improved outcomes for all learners
to provide support around use of a number of tracking and monitoring tools and strategies

Develop approaches to the analysis of data that are rigorous and promote strategic improvement
Increased knowledge of good practice around use of data for individual pupils and at whole school level
Ability to identify relevant measures of success, appropriate comparisons, and areas of improvement
Detailed identification of interventions that will improve outcomes for young people
in particular, a focus on outcomes pertaining to QI’s: 1.1, 2.3, 2.6 and 3.2

1 Insight from Education Scotland
“All teachers have well-developed skills of data analysis which are focused on improvement” (HGIOS 4 QI 2.3 Highly Effective Practice)
What are Education Scotland looking for from schools regarding skills of data analysis and effective use of Tracking & Monitoring?
Attendees to then self-evaluate practices within their own school

2 Use of Quantitative Data
How can schools use aggregated and individual pupil quantitative data and relevant benchmarking to drive improvement in their school?
Attendees to analyse quantitative data with a partner to consider the performance of their school

3 Use of Qualitative Data
How can schools use an extensive range of qualitative data to inform their practice and improve experiences for young people
Attendees to return with examples of qualitative data and how it can be used

4 Critical Reflection
Reflect on what we have learned and reinforce the use of critical thinking when using data in schools.
How are those involved going to use what they have learned in their own settings?


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IC14b (for Secondary)





Target Audience: Teachers and middle leaders with an interest in using data for improvement.

Key Aims:

  • To develop staff confidence in data literacy
  • Support staff to illicit key messages from data
  • Provide a forum for staff to identify an area for development, plan suitable interventions and measure the impact



Session 1 – Insight 29/10/19

·         Identifying the Whole School Messages.

·         Exploring Subject Data to Identify how you have affected the Whole School Messages.

·         A critical look at Relative Value, Cohort Percentages, Component Marks and Average Vs Mean National Mark.


Session 2 – Tracking 21/11/19

·         Overview of Whole School Tracking Procedures.

·         Robust Tracking Information and what are your next steps with it?

·         Tracking the areas for development highlighted in your annual data.


Session 3 – Interventions 07/01/20

·         Who should you intervene with?

·         What are the interventions that can be offered at different levels?

·         How do you manage multiple interventions in the classroom, across a Faculty and across a school?

·         Data gathering methods for measuring the impact of different interventions.


Session 4 – Impact of Interventions and Next Steps 03/02/20

·         Impact of interventions and how confident are you of this impact (Backed up by data)?

·         Next steps depending on whether your intervention worked or not.


Please bring your own device if possible.

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