Paddington 2

  • Why do you think all of the prisoners turn around when Paddington approaches Mr Knuckles?
  • Why do you think the character is called ‘Mr Knuckles’?
  • A shot of the policeman requesting a medic is used. Why do you think this is?
  • A low angle and high angled shot is used as Paddington is speaking to Mr Knuckles. Why do you think this is?
  • Do you think Mr Knuckles does like it when people complain?
  • Look at the colours used in this scene. Do you think the colours suit what a prison environment would possible look like? Why/why not?
  • An establishing shot of the prisoners is used as Paddington turns around. Why do you think they are reacting that way?
  • Why do you think the policeman requests a priest?
  • What kind of camera shot is used to reinforce Mr Knuckles anger?
  • The music changes as the sandwich goes into Mr Knuckles mouth. How does the music make you feel? Does it remind you of anything?
  • Do you think Mr Knuckles likes marmalade sandwiches?

Credit: Laura McEachran @MissLMacDonald