Learning and Teaching Online

Concept Test / Peer Instruction October 30, 2020

Concept Testing / Peer Instruction Concept Tests were developed as part of the peer instruction technique used to teach physics (Mazur, 1997). Concept Tests generally correspond to the comprehension level of Bloom’s taxonomy but may be suitable for application questions Peer instruction divides class time between short expositions and conceptual… Read more

Flipped Learning October 30, 2020

Flipped Learning Planning for flipped learning PlanFigure out which lesson, or series of lessons in particular you want to flip.Outline the key learning outcomes and concepts. RecordMake a video. Try to ensure that the video content utilises techniques to reduce cognitive load such as dual coding, particularly if you are… Read more

Dual Coding Your Presentations/Videos October 13, 2020

Dual Coding The Learning Scientists define dual coding as: “The process of combining verbal materials with visual materials. There are many ways to visually represent material, such as with infographics, timelines, cartoon strips, diagrams, and graphic organizers. When you have the same information in two formats – words and visuals… Read more

Mixed Delivery September 22, 2020

Mixed Delivery As we continue to protect ourselves and others from Covid19, there are times when learners and practitioners may find that they are asked to isolate at home, or find themselves at home for other reasons but are still able to support learners in school at a distance Using… Read more

Diagnostic Question Design September 18, 2020

Diagnostic Questions Online Within Glow, Microsoft Forms and Google Forms allow practitioners to create quizzes for learners.  This learning path will look at how to create effective questions for learners. Other online quizzing tools are available for practitioners to use, subject to Local Authority permissions in relation to GDPR. Multiple… Read more

Creating Videos for Learners September 18, 2020

Creating Video Content for Learners Video is a major component of educational delivery using technology.  We need to ensure that the content we create is as accessible and effective as possible.  Video alone is not a single solution to learning online.  It is likely that a single video will be… Read more

Engaging Learners with Active Digital Learning September 8, 2020

Active Digital Learning Ideas Learners should be engaged, active participants in their learning. When planning learning, educators should strive to involve, and engage, the learners – whether they are in front of them, or working remotely. The tools and applications on this page could be used to promote interactivity with… Read more