Woman holding laptop and micro:bit

Microbit Hot Potato Game

Event Details

Micro:bit Educational Foundation

Dr Lorna Gibson


In this session, we will show you how to turn your micro:bit into a physical hot potato! In this game, you will start a timer with a random countdown of a number of seconds. When the timer is off, the game is over and whoever is holding the potato has lost!


We will also consider other simple games like that could be turned into a micro:bit program


  • A device with access to MakeCode Microsoft MakeCode for micro:bit (microbit.org)
  • micro:bits (if they have them).
  • Sharing devices in pairs or small groups is absolutely fine (and actually appropriate for the hot potato game).
  • Teacher joins team meeting and shares screen on projector

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Interesting fact! The Hot Potato game is going to feature at some point in a future BBC program too!