Celebrate you with Swift Playgrounds (iPad)

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Apple/Education Scotland

Suzanne Lustenhouwer/Martin Coutts

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Swift playgrounds is an excellent way to learn code on iPad. In Swift Playgrounds you have the ability to build apps directly on iPad. In this session pupils will do a real time introduction to developing their very first app on iPad.


Guided by an Apple Professional Learning Specialist, pupils will learn the approaches to take when building an app from the ground up.


This will be an interactive lesson with your class and ideally aimed for students P6 and up who have a familiarity with Swift Playgrounds on iPad.


Students will need an iPad with the latest version of Swift Playgrounds installed and the About Me Sample project downloaded. Teachers can download an Educator Guide here


Equipment needed in the clasroom:

  • Screen visible for all pupils to view the webinar
  • Speakers/WiFi
  • iPads for students with the latest update installed (check Settings – General – Software Update)
  • Swift Playgrounds (up to date) & About Me Sample Playground downloaded (check app store or LA app library)


Having these steps carried out before the webinar ensures that everyone can take part without missing key steps/info

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