Create the next cool app – App Design Workshop

Event Details

Inspire Academy, Scottish Borders

Helen Orde, Roddy Graham, Catherine Little, Suzanne Pritchard and Paul Graham



Join us for an exciting live lesson where students will create their very own mobile app prototype! They’ll brainstorm unique app ideas to make life easier or assist others, then learn to design an app logo and finally, students will craft an app prototype that they can proudly showcase to their classmates.

Guided by our instructors, students will use Keynote (or PowerPoint and Google Slides) to design their prototype. We’ll demonstrate how quickly they can design and build an app without any coding required. Don’t miss out on this creative and engaging app design experience!



  • Teacher joins team meeting and shares screen on projector
  • App Design planning sheet + pen/pencil
  • Pupils take part individually on laptops/desktops/iPads
  • Presentation software on device– either Keynote, Powerpoint or Google Sides

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