Planning (This is Digital Learning and Teaching professional learning programme 1)

As educators it is our responsibility to make effective use of digital technology to deliver high quality teaching, engaging learning and effective assessment. This video at the top explains our definition of digital learnign and teaching versus digital literacy – one we plan and one we plan with.

Further down the page you will see some suggested clips to watch and some pages to read on digilearn – these aren’t essential but will help you be best prepared to take an enquiring approach and engage in discussions on Tuesday.

Episode 1 – Planning

  • Using digital to plan – how do you involve learners, colleagues and families?
  • Planning for digital literacy
  • Planning with digital tools

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE – before this episode, you may find it beneficial to consider:

Collaboration helps “build social capital among teachers and other educators improves student learning… it also improves the ability to initiate and implement change, as ideas spread and last beyond a few individual brainwaves.” – A. Hargreaves and M. T O’Connor

In the same paper they also state that “The strongest case for digital technology in education or life, however, is when it uniquely provides something of value that cannot be offered in any other way.”

We agree with both of these points – digital allows us to store, collaborate and publish documents instantly and across the world. Being able to share planning this way means that we can get, and share, new ideas from a much wider setting than ever before. So, how can we implement digital in our planning for better collaboration?

Read the full paper

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