Delivery (This is Digital Learning and Teaching professional learning programme 3)

Online platforms for learning

This session will explore the use of digital platforms to deliver elements of learning which can be easily adapted to suit classroom-based or remote learning. It is important to take the time to teach learners the digital literacy skills and knowledge they will need to be able to use the chosen platform. Two platforms are freely available in Glow – Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom. These platforms provide a management system to create, share and collect learning – they are not a substitute for effective pedagogy, simply another part of your classroom management.

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Digital to support learning

Digital platforms make it easier to share instructions, content (such as videos), and activities with learners – complementing, or even replacing, existing paper-based systems, such as jotters and worksheets. Using digital platforms for learning enable us to create video tutorials that can be viewed by learners before attending lessons, allowing them to start with prior knowledge, and also to revisit any ideas they were unclear about, at a later time.


Flipped Learning – DigiLearn (


Using flipped learning approaches can develop learners skills, knowledge and confidence – enabling them to make more informed decisions over how they learn. The use of digital platforms can also enable learners with particular learning needs or preferences, particularly around literacy.

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