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Getting Started with Teaching Data Science in Schools with The University of Glasgow on FutureLearn. Learn the basics of data science and how to introduce data science in the classroom.   This FREE course starts 13 Sep 2021. Sign up here Read more

Esports (or electronic sports) is a term used to describe competitive video gaming. With 81% of children playing video games online nowadays, games are arguably a larger part of their lives than ever before. The British Esports Association (BEA) is a not-for-profit national body established in 2016 to promote esports in the UK,… Read more

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation are looking for primary school (second level) teachers from Scotland to take part in a piece of research about their experiences in primary education and the teaching of digital skills. Teachers who take part will be entered in to a prize draw with multiple prizes of… Read more

We’ve created this calendar of events to support termly planning for learning and training. We’ll update it as required and we’ll also add extra events to this page too. Back to School CRIS insets – wb 09 August Scottish Learning Festival – 21-23 September Maths Week Scotland – wb 27… Read more

EU Code Week is 9-24th October 2021 and is a grassroots initiative which aims to bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way. The EU Code Week site is full of advice and resources to help you plan your coding lessons but so is our Resources… Read more

This post is based on a report published in 2018 by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The report aims to further strengthen the evidence base in support of the equitable participation of women in the digital economy. As the OECD report runs to more than 150 pages, I have… Read more

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