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Core knowledge.

  • Learning over the last two weeks I have been able to broaden my knowledge to how diverse Scotland really is and the importance to value and respect one another to the best of our ability through learning, talking and listening.
  • Depicting how society has formed stereotypes of diverse groups within communities affecting and jeopardizing the sustainable development of the country. Creating barriers between diverse groups causes for less integration between cultures, more frustration between diversities and less understanding and respect for one another. Therefore, leading to a breakdown in the fight to maintain a sustainable future.
  • Due to ethnicity growing within Scotland respect for one another’s belief’s, values, race, sexuality, gender and laws has never been so essential in maintaining a sustainable development.
  • Every individual has the power to contribute towards the seventeen sustainable development goals and it is our social responsibility to do so. I have learned that it starts with me making changes to my future and how I can make it better. Also the importance of my contribution is that it sets a fantastic expectation for children and that it is an expectation for everyone in society.
  • Displaying this knowledge within the classroom environment can empower young people and encourages them to take responsibility in my everyday experiences and create an environment to play, showing consideration for others linking to curriculum for excellence.

(Scottish Government (2011a) Scotland’s Census. [Online] Available: [Accessed: 23 September 2019)


3.4.1 Read and critically engage with professional literature, educational research and policy

  • Throughout my learning there have been many examples that have been given through interactions, questioning and activities which have guided me to make connections between academic learning and putting my knowledge into practice within the classroom.
  • This is essential in a classroom to make academic learning more engaging and to allow for children to connect to the subject to make them feel empowered. Through learning more about diversity I have found my personal connect towards it and my diversities therefore understand the value it can hold to an individual. I have met minimal challenges through my own school experience and was taught very little regarding the subject and it inspires me to celebrate it within my own classroom.
  • This skill isn’t something I have fully developed however I am thinking about it processing how I would connect it to other part of the curriculum and this value that it holds.



3.1.4 Having high expectations of all learners

  • Having high expectation of all learners within the classroom to make correct choice, seek advice properly and to respect one another Is hard to attain however I believe it must be instilled within children because it could have detrimental affect their futures just as it has on our generations.
  • Being able to demonstrate the barriers that children can face within learning can help them to establish a empathetic nature.
  • I believe that this skill is the most relevant within this theme as I think as individuals we should have high expectations of one another as a whole and it would contribute to sustaining the diversity within society.



  • Communication is a lot more than just talking to one another but to effectively communicate we must listen to one another and to respect other views, values and opinions. Being able to show this to children will encourage diversity to allow them to express themselves due to a safe space for communication being established.
  • I personally think I am a great talker and I like to get my opinion across but it is also just as valuable to listen and understand other something that I also think I do well but can defiantly improve on and in doing so it will help me hugely to create a respectful space for children allowing them gain a sense of Identity.



Something that would provoke conversation and lead to different opinions and views, allowing for children to listen and respect one another’s views.

Creating a wall display showing how we all fit together and showing in every walk of life we are different to one another.


Throughout this theme of diversity, I have gained a sense of understanding and a greater connection to what it means to me. I have the desire to be a global citizen not only to set a good example for those children in my class but for myself, to know that I am making a difference towards the goals for sustainable development. I want to change the probable future into my preferable future and I appreciate that I can make a change in-with and out with the classroom. I look forward to instil self-worth within a classroom through celebrating the wide range of diversities.

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