Serial Days Review So Far….

So far, I have been on placement for 3 Thursdays. `I have 2 Thursdays left before I start my 3 week block.

I am really enjoying my time in my school. It is a huge school – something that I am not used to as the primary school I went to only had 36 people in the school and there are just short of 300 in my placement school!

Last week, I read a story to the children called ‘What The Ladybird heard’ which is by Julia Donaldson. They really enjoyed this story as they thought it was funny. I really enjoyed telling it because the children were joining in with the animal sounds.

The children have also been doing lots of maths, literacy and Health and Wellbeing. On the 2nd serial day, I observed a PE lesson where the children were focussing on the different types of rolls in gymnastics. Last week, it was Children’s Mental Health Week, and they were talking about times when they were brave.

I am really enjoying my time on placement, and I can’t believe this is the 4th Thursday!