Welcome to our Outdoor Learning Blog !

In Scotland, all children and young people are expected to regularly access their learning through a consistent and progressive experience of the outdoors. There is lots of wonderful learning going on in all sectors as educators explore, design and provide creative and challenging opportunities outdoors through which learners are developing rich, deep and connected understanding.

I love to talk with people about how their outdoor learning is going. I can be contacted at: julie.wilson@educationscotland.gov.uk

4 thoughts on “Welcome to our Outdoor Learning Blog !”

  1. Hi Julie,

    this sounds great – it will make it a lot easier to keep up to date with what\’s going on.

  2. I hope this blog goes from strength to strength – I’m about to circulate the link around the Grounds for Learning and Real World Learning Partnership networks, and beyond.

  3. This is really useful Julie – thanks for setting this up. I\’m sure this will help Forest School and Forest Education to make constructive links to the wider outdoor learning community.

    Best wishes

  4. I find the blog a really useful source of information and wondered if we could also use it to exchange ideas? I regularly take my P4-7 class for walks which the children absolutely love. Last week we learnt about estimation in maths so our walk was an ideal opportunity to practice our estimation skills. We also have a bit of a thing about bridges so were able to visit one en-route. The possibilities seem to be endless!

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