Access To Education Fund – funding for creative learning and teaching

Evidence tells us that there is a significant gap in educational attainment between the most and least deprived children and the majority of this variation can be found within rather than between schools.

The Access to Education Fund aims to reduce the barriers to learning experienced by pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. It is important that learning is about the ability to learn, not the ability to pay, and pupils should not have to miss out on educational experiences for financial reasons.

Two of the fund’s key aims could be directly impacted upon by partnership working with creative partners available on the Creativity Portal.

  • Enhancing a school’s capacity to provide trips, outdoor learning or other activities which will boost learning and are an integral part of the school curriculum;
  • Enhancing a school’s capacity to develop or deliver innovative learning experiences which will raise educational attainment, promote attendance and encourage positive engagement.

You can find out more from the Education Scotland website here:,0,0,0,0

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