Experiential Learning for 3000 children

South Lanarkshire Council

Huge safety event crucial for kids http://www.southlanarkshire.gov.uk/press/article/316/huge_safety_event_crucial_for_kids

More than 3000 children are lined up to take part in this year’s annual Crucial Crew event. This hugely-popular event is now in its 18th year and will kick off its four-week run on Friday 19 August at the James Hamilton Heritage Park, East Kilbride.

And, again, every primary 7 pupil in South Lanarkshire is being given the opportunity to get involved. You can watch last year’s event on YouTube to see what the event is about. Organised by the council, the event is based around the concept of ‘experiential learning’ which gives them a practical insight through carrying out a number of real-life scenarios.

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