Myths and Legends at Annan Museum

Look out! It’s an invasion by the Vikings, but don’t worry, Robin Hood, Robert the Bruce and the Dragon will protect us. All of these and more can be found in the new exhibition at Annan Museum on Myths and Legends.

This child-friendly exhibition gives a little taster of some of the many mythological characters and historical legends from across the world. From Native American creation myths and Greek heroes to local curses and ghost stories. You will need to be strong to build the replica Totem pole and everyone can try their hand at reading the Norse runes. The exhibition includes interactives, activities and costume. Plus with a selection of historically accurate replica objects for you to examine and handle, you may almost feel the legends come to life.

The exhibition runs from 30 March to 30 April and is open Mon-Sat, 11-4, admission Free. For schools or evening bookings please enquire.

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