About Us

Heroes of our own stories

The staff, pupils and parents of St. Albert’s would like to thank you for being interested in our stories.

The ‘We Can be Heroes’ project was launched in early 2020. The aim was to write new stories and publish them as books. These books were written by our pupils in collaboration with some amazing authors. We wanted to write new stories that featured children like the children in our school, with the same names, the same community, the same experiences. There weren’t enough books like that around for us to read.

All profits from the sales of these books are going back into our social enterprise which aims to continue to write more stories like these. Now, we are in Phase 2 of the project, working with parents as well as pupils this time to create more books reflecting our community.

This social enterprise model won the Social Enterprise Academy’s Glasgow Dragon’s Den in 2020/21 and went on to win a National Social Enterprise Champion Award.