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20th March 2020

Well it was a strange day today. The sun was shining and life was going on all around. The children had fun with outdoor learning . The p 7s returned from an amazing week at Blairvadoch and suddenly it was over and everyone had to go home. We would like to thank all the parents who picked up the home learning packs and would like to let you know that there are a number of links on this blog site that will support you.
Everyone at St Vincent’s wishes you well in these uncertain times,

we  will pray that everything will get back to normal soon and hope you all keep safe.

bye for now



Primary 1b:Week Ending-6th February 2020

We have had another busy two weeks in Primary 1b! Along with Primaries 1a , 1c and Mrs Ahmad we celebrated International Fortnight which followed on nicely from our get together for Robert Burns Day and celebrating Scotland the previous week! We looked at Chinese New Year and had a “wear red” day. In addition we found out what symbols represent the years in which we were born and some of us made dragons while others made red Lucky Money bags. Two pupils in our class also wrote some Chinese writing for us to look at and discuss too. In creative we decorated cut out hand shapes in the Mendhi style from the Indian culture. The pupils found out, mainly from their peers, about the faith of Islam and we made Prayer Mats. We were also fortunate to look at and hold items from the Islamic Faith too. On the Friday afternoon we invited family members to come in and join us with other activities such as making African patterns and necklaces and Holi streamers. Mrs Ahmad also prepared a selection of foods from differing parts of the world to try. It was a busy and joyful afternoon!

The class have been introduced to digraph sounds with the learning of “sh” first. We have continued with our learning of the next three Common Words. In Numeracy we have continued with the concept of addition, number stories and adding by 2, 5 and 10.

In Religious Education we have started looking at “The Church” and through this we will also be learning about a variety of places of worship. Mr Tracey paid the school a visit and we put on our special Assembly for him, which all the classes worked very hard on. Mr Tracey loved the Assembly and was very grateful for the leaving cards and gifts the school presented him with.

A big “Well Done” to our next two “Stars of the Week”- Laura and Ghulam!


P1a 19/12/19

Well what a busy time. Christmas shows and parties were a great success and enjoyed by everyone. We have our final carol service and bLessing of our cribs today.

we would like to say merry Christmas to everyone . Hope you all have a good holiday. From all of us in P1A.🌲❄️🌲❄️🌲❄️🌲

Primary 1b-Week ending 22/11/19

The past two weeks have been busy, busy for P1b! We have been learning the sounds b and u, more common words and the numbers 15 and 16. This week we have been revising and reinforcing work covered over the past few weeks.

Mrs Bryceland was in for our Music time teaching us new songs and musical games. We have been busy doing work on our Toys topic this week. It has also been Scottish Book Week and we received our Bookbug bags with goodies and activities to help encourage a love of reading,

All Primary 1 classes have been busy rehearsing this year’s Nativity presentation. All the children are working very hard on this. A big ’Well Done’ to Primary 1b’s most recent ‘Star of the Week’ winners-Hollie and Harith!

P1a 15/11/19

We had a lovely start to the week with our Remembrance day assembly. We made some poppy crosses for our class wall and we said a poem about a little Poppy.

We are able to say/write words with the b and u sounds and we can talk about a when/who/where in our reading and writing.

We have also started practising for our Nativity and have made a fantastic start by learning some songs.

We can use ten frames to make numbers between 10 and 20, and we have had a lot of fun through play with our 3D shapes.

P1a 1/11/19

Hello everyone. Can it really be November already?  We have been learning g and l this week and lots of us are getting really good at writing our word wall words by ourselves. we have been reading The Gruffallo by Julia Donaldson and we have had great fun acting it out and re-telling the story using finger puppets.

in Numeracy we have moved on to number concepts from 11 to 20. We are practising using ten frames and talking about how we make amounts. We have also started to learn about 3D shape. Ask us to sing our song.

We had some really good pumpkins and witches from our creative work this week. The Halloween disco was also a big hit.

I think everyone really enjoyed the visit from C beebies . ridiculous rhyme show .

We had our final Eco “Out to Play” session with Sarah the Wednesday before we stopped for the October Week holiday. Unfortunately we had to stay inside our classroom for it as the weather was not “smiling” on us that day. We still had lots of fun though and got to make up our own stories with Sarah and she was also very impressed with the class’ “Wonder Box” which has pieces of our work from each session in the “Out to Play” programme. A big “thank you” to Sarah who has worked so hard to make these sessions enjoyable and fun over these weeks!

Our first week back in Term Two was a consolidation week and we have been busy revisiting sounds, common words and numbers we have been learning over the past few weeks. You may have noticed our Courtyard area has had a bit of a “makeover”. It is now a Creative/STEM area where we can let our imaginations run wild with ideas! At the moment we have lots of bits and pieces connected to the season of Autumn to look at and discuss, and also help us with our creativity.

At Assembly on Wednesday St Vincent’s “Oor Wullie” returned home from his stay at Prince’s Square shopping centre. It is good to have him back home. The children also heard a talk from one of the Glasgow Children Hospital Charity’s volunteers about how the “Oor Wullie” Trail has helped to raise funds for their charity. Finally, a big “Well Done” to Keegan who is our latest “Star of the Week” and also congratulations to Jayden who is our first “Mathematician of the Month”!

Super 6s Super Week

This week we had music on Tuesday morning and we did a test to see what we learnt over the past few weeks but sadly our music teacher Miss McCourt had to leave because it was her last week in St. Vincent’s. We gave her a card to show our appreciation.

We continued percentages, decimal and fractions plus we did a welcome to Silverburn task when we had a Nandos and Argos activity. For the Argos activity we had catalogue and we had to buy things to get as close to £750 we did it with word problems which made it a little bit harder. It was really fun though. For the Nandos  we had menu and word problems which also made it hard like Argos it was extremely fun.

And finally we did a bleep test with Gary our Health and Wellbeing teacher and it was also his last week with us. The highest number anyone in our class got was level 13. We did one before the and it was and this week the highest was 11.

P7 Blog w/b 22 April 2019

Students in Primary 7 have a lot to share with you this week!

In Art we produced some fantastic clown pictures based on the work of French artist Bernard Buffet.

In Maths we are using our knowledge of Scale to produce an accurate map of our Field of Dreams. We were also able to showcase our Mathematical talents to an important visitor to the school who was very impressed.

In Literacy we are using our H.O.T.S. skills to develop a deep understanding of our novel, ‘The Road to Freedom’. This book tells the story of an underground network which helped runaway slaves from the southern states of America to journey to the north where they would be free. We are also using a variety of strategies to enhance our Spelling, using our given Spelling words to create things like comic strips or newspaper stories.

The boys continue to enjoy their Swimming whilst everyone is enjoying Gymnastics with Mrs Boyle.

We also planted a variety of crops this week – potatoes, onions, carrots, leeks, lettuce, peppers and wheat. Hopefully we will be able to grow a healthy salad meal with enough wheat to make a loaf!

Certainly a lot going on in school – and now most of us looking forward to a fabulous week in Glencoe! Fingers crossed for decent weather…