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Primary 1b-Week Ending 6th March 2020

Another busy two weeks have went by for Primary 1b! In Literacy we have continued learning more digraphs-ch and ng. We have started onto the third Wordwall for learning our Common Words too! For Numeracy we have continued learning about money and some of us have been adding up coins to total amounts, while the rest of us have been calculating how much change we would get from differing amounts. We have also been learning that differing coins can add up to the same values too. In addition, we have been introduced to Time and talking about o’clock and half past, as well as analogue and digital clocks.

We are now into the second week of Lent and have been thinking about our Lenten promises. Some of us received our ashes from Father Hill at our Ash Wednesday Service. It has also been Fairtrade Fortnight and Primary Seven came round Primary 1 and 2 classes to sell us Fairtrade produce as well as put on a Coffee Morning for the older pupils. In class we have been learning how Fairtrade works and how it is all about people getting fair pay. Some of us have also entered a  competition which has been organised by Mr Coyle and Primary 7a!Our class have designed and named a Fairtrade chocolate bar each.

Finally a big “Well Done” to our latest “Stars of the Week”- Arwaa and Milena!

Primary 1b-Week Ending 21/02/20

In Literacy we have been learning the digraph of  “th” and the pupils did very well in contributing words with the “th” sound in them. We also learned the next three Common Words and we have also been introduced to CVC words through revisiting vowels and consonants.

In Numeracy we have started looking at the concept of Money and have been busy learning how to recognise coins up to the £2 coin and how much they are worth. In addition, we know that sometimes  we have to use a number of coins to add up to the value we need. At the moment we are looking at different ways to make up values  to 10p.

Out in the Courtyard we have been learning the names and uses of some Science equipment with Mrs Ahmad. We have been allowed to use the equipment too remembering to use them in a careful manner.

On Tuesday (18th) Owen from Zoolab introduced us to a selection of unusual animals and other creatures, such as a bearded dragon and a tarantula spider, and told us lots of information about them. In class we have started a mini topic on Spring. For Religious Education we heard the stories of two of Jesus’ miracles- The Blind Man and The Disabled Man. Mrs Bryceland has also visited us again for another enjoyable Music time.

A big “Well Done” to Kelly who is our latest “Star of the Week”.

Primary 1b:Week Ending-6th February 2020

We have had another busy two weeks in Primary 1b! Along with Primaries 1a , 1c and Mrs Ahmad we celebrated International Fortnight which followed on nicely from our get together for Robert Burns Day and celebrating Scotland the previous week! We looked at Chinese New Year and had a “wear red” day. In addition we found out what symbols represent the years in which we were born and some of us made dragons while others made red Lucky Money bags. Two pupils in our class also wrote some Chinese writing for us to look at and discuss too. In creative we decorated cut out hand shapes in the Mendhi style from the Indian culture. The pupils found out, mainly from their peers, about the faith of Islam and we made Prayer Mats. We were also fortunate to look at and hold items from the Islamic Faith too. On the Friday afternoon we invited family members to come in and join us with other activities such as making African patterns and necklaces and Holi streamers. Mrs Ahmad also prepared a selection of foods from differing parts of the world to try. It was a busy and joyful afternoon!

The class have been introduced to digraph sounds with the learning of “sh” first. We have continued with our learning of the next three Common Words. In Numeracy we have continued with the concept of addition, number stories and adding by 2, 5 and 10.

In Religious Education we have started looking at “The Church” and through this we will also be learning about a variety of places of worship. Mr Tracey paid the school a visit and we put on our special Assembly for him, which all the classes worked very hard on. Mr Tracey loved the Assembly and was very grateful for the leaving cards and gifts the school presented him with.

A big “Well Done” to our next two “Stars of the Week”- Laura and Ghulam!


Primary 1b-Week Ending 24th January 2020

In Literacy we have covered the last of the initial sounds, q and x, and covered three more common words. We also spent a week revisiting some of our most recent initial sounds and common words.

We have been doing lots of work in Numeracy on addition using concrete materials, pictorial questions and abstract sums. In addition we have been practising counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Mrs Bryceland visited us this week and we did some fun music games which also helped with learning initial sounds. We finished this week off by celebrating Robert Burns’ Day with Primaries 1a and 1c along with some of our friends from Thornlaw Nursery.

Our “Stars of the Week” since we started our third term have been-Lakkshana, Sara, Carrick and Tobiasz. Well done to you all!

For the next two weeks we will be marking “International Fortnight” by looking at the cultures and traditions of  countries represented in our school through  fun activities and stories. Finally, we will be busy rehearsing our song for the school’s special Scottish Assembly in just under two weeks time when we will be saying a fond farewell to Mr Tracey after many years of dedicated hard work for St Vincent’s. Please look out for the song in homework folders to practise at home.


Primary 1b-Week Ending 10th January 2020

With starting a new year, we have started our third term! Our Primary One pupils are now halfway through their first year at St Vincent’s!

Mrs Bryceland visited us on Monday morning for Music which was a lovely way to start our new term. We also got straight back to learning with us looking at the sounds y and z as well as the next three common words in Literacy and in Numeracy we have been working on addition and some number stories throughout our first  week back.

Monday saw us take down our Christmas decorations in our classroom as we learned about the feast day of the Epiphany. We heard the story of the visit to the baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men and why Mary and Joseph had to take Jesus and flee Bethlehem.

On Friday our class started ERIC  (Everybody Reading In Class) time where the pupils each take a book from the library and, with support, discuss such questions as who are in the story, where does the story take place, what is happening in the story, etc. As you can see Primary 1b have made a busy and positive start to term three!

Primary 1b-Week Ending 06/12/19

As Christmas gets ever closer Primary 1b have been very busy rehearsing our Nativity, “The Grumpy Sheep” along with P1a and P1c! All the children are working very hard on it. The Christmas Disco also took place last Tuesday. For Christmas art work to put up in the hall, the class made reindeers using the shape of their hands for the antlers.  All the infant classes also had a visit from the SSPCA at one of the recent assemblies to talk about their jobs in looking after abandoned and mistreated animals.

In class we have been learning the sounds-h, w, j and v along with more common words in Literacy. In Numeracy and Maths we have been working on the numbers 17, 18, 19 and 20. The children have also been making paper chains to help decorate the Courtyard with the added focus of using patterns with the available colours. In addition we made a Bar Graph to show our favourite books from Scottish Book Week and we also made a Venn Diagram displaying toys which need to be pushed, pulled or can be both pushed and pulled in order to make them move. Keeping on the theme of Forces, the children also made spinners which when the wool is pulled the cards they decorated spin and make a lovely display.

Finally, a big congratulations to our latest two “Stars of the Week”- Hanna and Wiki!

Primary 1b-Week ending 22/11/19

The past two weeks have been busy, busy for P1b! We have been learning the sounds b and u, more common words and the numbers 15 and 16. This week we have been revising and reinforcing work covered over the past few weeks.

Mrs Bryceland was in for our Music time teaching us new songs and musical games. We have been busy doing work on our Toys topic this week. It has also been Scottish Book Week and we received our Bookbug bags with goodies and activities to help encourage a love of reading,

All Primary 1 classes have been busy rehearsing this year’s Nativity presentation. All the children are working very hard on this. A big ’Well Done’ to Primary 1b’s most recent ‘Star of the Week’ winners-Hollie and Harith!

Primary 1b-Week Ending 8th November ’19

Primary 1b have been involved in lots more learning over the past two weeks. In Literacy we have been finding out about the sounds g, l, f and o and have also been learning more Common Words. For “Big Writing” we are now looking at who, when and where in the sentence. We call these HOTS words. We have been working on the numbers 11, 12, 13 and 14 in Numeracy and Maths and, in addition, we have covered work on 3D shapes.

We had a whole school Mass for the Feast of All Saints’ Day, November 1st, and Father Hill also blessed our new St Vincent De Paul statue. In class we have also discussed the month of November being a month where we especially remember people who have died,  November 2nd being the Feast Day of All Souls. We have made a display of poppies for our class altar in remembrance of those who have died in wars.

Thursday 7th of November was “Outdoor Learning Day” and we went outside looking for things which begin with certain sounds and we also did our counting up to 13 and 14 outside too. We discussed how outdoors can help us in our learning too, beyond the classroom!

We have started practising our songs for the Nativity shows and for the next few weeks we will be very busy rehearsing. Very exciting! Our “Stars of the Week” have been Aliyaah and Sahm-congratulations to them both!

We had our final Eco “Out to Play” session with Sarah the Wednesday before we stopped for the October Week holiday. Unfortunately we had to stay inside our classroom for it as the weather was not “smiling” on us that day. We still had lots of fun though and got to make up our own stories with Sarah and she was also very impressed with the class’ “Wonder Box” which has pieces of our work from each session in the “Out to Play” programme. A big “thank you” to Sarah who has worked so hard to make these sessions enjoyable and fun over these weeks!

Our first week back in Term Two was a consolidation week and we have been busy revisiting sounds, common words and numbers we have been learning over the past few weeks. You may have noticed our Courtyard area has had a bit of a “makeover”. It is now a Creative/STEM area where we can let our imaginations run wild with ideas! At the moment we have lots of bits and pieces connected to the season of Autumn to look at and discuss, and also help us with our creativity.

At Assembly on Wednesday St Vincent’s “Oor Wullie” returned home from his stay at Prince’s Square shopping centre. It is good to have him back home. The children also heard a talk from one of the Glasgow Children Hospital Charity’s volunteers about how the “Oor Wullie” Trail has helped to raise funds for their charity. Finally, a big “Well Done” to Keegan who is our latest “Star of the Week” and also congratulations to Jayden who is our first “Mathematician of the Month”!

Primary 1b-Week Ending 4th October ’19

We have had an exceptionally  busy week this week. It has been our Topic Week-People Who Help Us and we have been working on related activities. In addition, all Primary 1 classes very lucky to receive visits from Police Officer Belinda, Paramedics Elsa and Robert and Pollok Fire Brigade. All of our visitors spoke about their jobs and in what ways they help people and also showed us some of the equipment they need in their jobs. We were also fortunate to have a look inside both an ambulance and fire engine and everyone in our class had a shot of using a fire engine’s hose! A big thank you to all our visitors who made a special effort to come and talk to us!

The school had a  Mass last Tuesday to celebrate St Vincent De Paul’s Feast Day which took place on September 27th while we were off. Beforehand our class had a look at the life of our Patron Saint and heard how much good work he did for the poor and the less fortunate and all the good charity work he did which continues to this day in his name throughout the world.

Primary 1b have also been continuing to do ongoing Literacy and Numeracy work. We have looked at the sounds d and e, and the numbers 8 and 9. Miss Hunter has been doing Music with us and Sarah from “Out to Play” has been in each Wednesday to continue our Eco Drama work which has, for the last two weeks, taken place in our Field of Dreams. Finally a big Well Done to Hao who is our new “Star of the Week”!