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January 17, 2019
by Miss O'Neill

Presenting what we have learned! 👍

As you can tell from previous posts, our week has consisted of tornadoes, tornadoes and MORE tornadoes!

Today, in ICT, we worked with a friend to create a PowerPoint to showcase our learning from the week.

We can insert images from the internet, create snazzy backgrounds and edit text confidently! ☺ We then returned to class and delivered our presentation to the class.

January 17, 2019
by Miss O'Neill

🌪 The Fujita Damage Scale 🌪


The Fujita Scale has six classifications to show the severity, strength and speed of a tornado.

We drew detailed pictures to illustrate the damage that is caused at each stage on the Fujita scale. Check them out! 👏🏼


January 16, 2019
by Miss Greene

G’Day from Primary 7b

Primary 7’s topic this term is Australia. We have been learning lots this week about Australian culture and customs. In ICT, we researched different cities in Australia and will use the information gathered to create our own interactive journals about the land Down Under.


January 16, 2019
by Miss O'Neill

Tornado Time 🌪

Primary 5’s new topic is Natural Disasters. This week, P5a have learned all about tornadoes 🌪

In maths, we are learning to read bar charts for information so we studied graphs that showed the number of tornadoes across different states in America. Yesterday, we were able to read the graphs effectively and interpret the data to answer questions.

In writing, we are excited to be learning how to write a newspaper report. We know this is called a ‘recount’. Today, we became journalists and planned our first newspaper report of a tornado that has occurred in the United States (it’s just pretend!) Keep your eyes peeled for our final reports… they will be published next week! 👀

This afternoon, the children LOVED taking part in the ‘tornado in a bottle’ experiment. We added a few ingredients to water in a plastic bottle, spun it around in a circular motion and watched the magic happen. They created something that looked like a vortex inside their bottle, making a mini tornado! I then filmed the children spinning their ‘tornadoes’ at different speeds to represent the diffferent stages on the Fujita damage scale. 👏🏼



January 14, 2019
by Miss Greene

Happy New Year from P7b

Happy New Year from P7b!

We have enjoyed our first week back at school last week and are looking forward to working hard this term. Keep posted to see what we will be learning about in Term 3.


P7b and Miss Greene

November newsletter

December 19, 2018 by Mrs Marletta | 0 comments

Here is a copy of the information in our November newsletter.

As you are no doubt aware we place a high emphasis on children wearing school uniform and I appreciate your support in upholding this important aspect of our school identity. Our children look wonderful in their school uniforms. Well done to Primaries 2/1, P6a and 7c for having 100% school uniform. Classes received a ’bus’ towards their class of the month target for their efforts.

Uniform Policy

Girls Uniform

Green skirt/Pinafore

White Shirt and tie

Green jumper/cardigan

Boys Uniform

Grey trousers

White shirt and tie

Green jumper

Holy Cross P.E.  Uniform

Gym kit

Yellow polo shirt

Shorts (no football shorts)

Indoor shoes

Please remember – no jewellery on gym days!

All school uniform items are available at Trutex – 35B Argyle Street Station

Telephone 0141 221 4472

Please ensure your child wears a tie to school. School ties are available to purchase in the school office.

CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs Baillie and family who welcomed the birth of a baby daughter, Alexandra. Mum, baby and family are all doing well and ask me to thank you for your good wishes.

School Management Team Update

I am ably supported in the school by a management team as follows:

Mrs Marletta is currently Acting Principal Teacher with pastoral care of Primary 1.

Miss Collins, Principal Teacher continues to have pastoral care of Primaries 2 and 3.

Mrs Docherty, Principal Teacher, continues to have pastoral care of Primaries 4 and 5.

Mrs McBride is currently Acting Principal Teacher with pastoral care of Primaries 6 and 7.

Ms MacCormick is now undertaking the post of Acting Depute Head Teacher. Ms MacCormick has leadership for Primaries 4—7. Ms MacCormick is also Child Protection Coordinator.

Ms Collum, Depute Head Teacher has leadership of P1—3. Ms Collum organises and co-ordinates the provision for additional support needs across the school.

School Improvement Plan

In session 2018—2019 we are aiming to improve our school by targeting the following priorities:

à Supporting Improvement: Equity and Pedagogy

A 2-year programme to support and enhance effective teaching and learning

à Glasgow Improvement Challenge

We continue to prioritise improving children’s literacy and language skills

à Health and Wellbeing

Developing pupil understanding of sustainability

à Digital Technologies

Improving skills and access to digital technologies

à Responsive Planning

Developing a renewed PE programme, learning through play and reviewing our approaches to engaging learners.

Please read our enclosed Standards and Quality Report to learn more about our whole school improvements.


Mobile Phones

I am aware that some parents allow children to carry mobile phones to and from school for safety and communication reasons. All mobile phones should be turned off during school hours and kept in the child’s schoolbag. Mobile phones can then be switched on at the end of the school day.

Parents’ Night

Many thanks to those parents who attended our Parent/Teacher/Pupil meetings in October. We had 84% attendance from parents. If you were unable to attend parents’ night, please contact the school office in order to make an appointment to speak with your child’s class teacher.

Primary 1 August 2019

If your child turns 5 years old between 1st March 2019 and February 2020 he/she is eligible to register for primary school.

To register you should now complete an online application which is available on the Glasgow City Council website at www.glasgow.gov.uk by following the links for primary school and enrolments.

If required, paper applications can be requested by contacting Glasgow City Council on 0141 287 8000 or contact the school to make an appointment with a member of the management team.

Class of the Month

You might hear children talking about tokens/bus tickets or class buses. This is our promoting positive behaviour programme where classes and individuals aim to meet our school values and are rewarded by receiving ‘bus tickets’. Five bus tickets can be swapped for a ‘bus’ which is added to the class chart or ‘bus stop’. The classes in the infants, junior and upper departments who have most buses at the end of the month are the winners of our Class of the Month. Congratulations to P3a, P5c and P7c who won October’s class of the month and visited The People’s Palace as a reward.

Parent Council/School Joint Fundraising Event

The school Fundraising Committee and The Parent Council have joined together to host the first ever Holy Cross High Tea. Parents are invited to purchase a ticket for High Tea on Thursday 29th November. Sittings are available for 1.15pm or 2pm. Tickets will be available at the school office at £5 per person. Donations of food/biscuits/cakes are welcome to support this event.

Primary to Secondary Transition

Letters have already been issued to P7 pupils for families to identify which school they would like their child to attend. Our associated secondary school is Holyrood Secondary. If you live within the catchment area for Holyrood Secondary please complete the form and return to school. If you live outwith the catchment area you are required to submit a Placing Request form. This is also the case if you live u the catchment and wish your child to attend a secondary other than Holyrood.

Celebrating Uniqueness

Research tells us that on average 40% of children would hide an aspect of what makes them unique because they are worried about bullying. Nobody should have to hide who they are, their talents or uniqueness. Therefore on 30th November we will be celebrating uniqueness and combatting bullying by having an ODD SOCK NON-UNIFORM DAY. Children are invited to donate £1 to school funds on this day. All proceeds will go towards supporting our Positive Behaviour Initiatives such as Class of the Month and CURAMUS Golden ticket.

School Term Dates 2018—2019

Christmas and New Year Holidays

Schools close at 2.30pm on Thursday 20 December 2018. School will re-open on Monday 7 January 2019 at 8.50am


Dates for your diary



16th—30th—Catholic Education Fortnight please come and see our display of work in Holy Cross Church

21st/28th—Dental Inspections for P1 and P7 children

29th—Parent Council and School joint fundraising High Tea

30th—St Andrew’s Day/Odd Sock Non uniform Day


2nd—First Sunday of Advent

4th—Choir to local day care centre

10th—Nativity Dress rehearsal

11/12th  – Nativity Show time!!!

12th – Disco

13th – Christmas Lunch/Christmas Class Parties/Christmas Jumper Day (£1)

14th – Hopscotch Theatre Company

19th—Advent Service

20th—2.30pm school closes










December 14, 2018
by Mrs Marletta
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Family Learning Club session 4

A big thank you to all who attended the last family learning session for this term. Another big thank you to all the staff who helped with the organisation behind the scenes and who joined in with the club on the day. Lastly, a massive thank you to our Primary 7 tech team, photographers, digi and play leaders who helped everything run smoothly and are the reason we have so many pictures to add to these posts!

This week’s session focused mostly on maths and numeracy skills and from your vey kind feedback has given you lots to think about and try out at home.

Role play shop

This activity was a big hit and is very easy to do at home and with children of different ages/stages. Using either toy food, empty real food packets or the actual tins/jars from the cupboard set up a shop. If you don’t have a till then any dish to contain the money will do. Children have great imaginations! Use toy money or real money if you’ve change collections in a money bank. Change the price of items according to how difficult you think your child needs it to be. Use real purses and shopping bags and then let the role play begin. Take turns to be the customer, manager, cashier etc. The initial benefit of this activity is developing imagination through role play however whenever money is involved there’s lots of numeracy learning to be done. Initially children will understand that good are exchanged for money in a retail transaction but as their numeracy skills develop they should be able to estimate as well  as add together prices to work out what the final bill will be. They will also eventually be able to work out what the correct change should be when they over pay. The should be able to recognise and name the different types of coins and paper notes in our currency. There are also opportunities for counting during a pretend stock take or filling out an order form.

Classroom activities

There were a whole host of classroom activities out to demonstrate how the children learn to calculate in the classroom. Some of the counting materials like pasta or milk bottle lids would be easy to have at home to help with trickier homework. There was also a variety of maths games and jigsaws. One of the simplest activities had a deck of  cards spread out face down, the children were to pick up 2 or 3 or 4 at a time and add together the values of the cards in their hands. If they got it correct they could keep the cards and the winner was the person with the most cards at the end. However if they pulled the joker all their cards had to be put  back face down. That’s one game you can do to help develop numeracy skills in a fun and playful way but cards are so versatile that I am sure you could think of even more activities to try.



Junk modelling

2D and 3D shapes were our top priority at the junk modelling station. It was great to hear children explaining about the properties of cubes, cuboids, spheres and cylinders while reminding the younger ones about the difference between a  square and rectangle. They managed to make some incredible models.


The children were using our loose parts construction materials to build bridges. Design briefs had been set by well known children’s characters like the Gingerbread man and the children had to work together to plan and build bridges that matched the brief. From this the children took the construction in a different direction and the end result was a very enjoyable ‘obstacle maze’.


Making play dough

After weeks of creating wonderful characters with play dough, I couldn’t let you all leave without being sure you’d know how to make it at home. So some of you practised your measuring, weighing and mixing skills to create your own. The results were a lot of fun. If you do try any of these activities at home, please take a photo and let us see what inspired you!

Physical play

Connecting physical movement to learning, particularly skills like counting can really help embed the knowledge. It’s also a great way to get more movement into your day. Children had the option to use a timer to see how many exercises they could fit into that space of time, or they could roll the dice, add up the totals and decide how many to do that way. Dice are a great resource for playing numeracy games!

It has truly been an amazing month getting to know our families better and watching you all enjoy quality family time (with more than a hint of learning time thrown in). Thank you so much for your very positive feedback. We are planning more family learning opportunities for next term so please keep checking school bags, twitter (@holycrosspri) and here on the blog for more information. It would be really great to see you all back!




Our Learning

December 14, 2018 by Mrs Marletta | 0 comments

Welcome to Primary 2/1’s review of learning! Here we will tell you some of the interesting things we have learned this term.

Primary 2 have been working hard to learn to multiply. They have been learning their times tables off by heart. They are also working on adding numbers up to 100 and are very good at using a number square.

Primary 2 have been learning about division. We use our knowledge of the multiplication tables to work out division calculations. We can also work out the answer by sharing objects equally between people.

Primary 1 have been working hard to learn to read, hear and write their sounds. For example we know ‘g’ is for Gallacher like Miss Gallacher. We also know ‘o’ is for odd, orange and on. ‘E’ is for egg, elephant and Enlgand. We could be here all day telling you about our sounds but why not ask us at home and we’ll show off more of what we know.

Primary 1 have been learning how to add 2 or more numbers together. They have lots of fun practising their skills playing ‘hit the button’. Check out the links page on the blog to see more games that you can do at home.

Primary 1 and 2 have also been learning the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Ask them to teach you what they know at home!

Primary 1 and 2 have been working hard to learn their common words to make reading easier. They have also been discussing their reading books as well as inventing their own stories.

Primary 1 and 2 also worked hard to deliver  an outstanding Christmas show. In preparation for this they learned songs, action and lines from a script. They had to develop their confidence enough to perform on stage and work together as a team.

Primary 2/1 love maths, maths and more maths but when they’re not doing maths & numeracy they love writing, drawing , art, playing with our friends and doing P.E.


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