Holyrood Library – Summer Term

Thank you Helpers!

Here’s a round up of some of the fun we’ve had in May/ June:

Most days start with a “Good Morning” on library Teams. We check in with each other and make sure everyone is having a good day.

We enjoyed fun quizzes for Earth Day’, and ‘Oceans Day’, finding out which animals each of us resembles!


On Empathy Day we chatted about empathy and how we can look out for each other. We put up a book display of Self-help books, and recommended our favourite authors.


“I recommend self-help books because it does a lot of good for my mental health and self-esteem. I really like the author Fearne Cotton. She uses examples that I can relate to”            (S3 Pupil) 


We made a Book display for Euro 2021, and prepared books to give to our visiting P7 pupils.


Our Library Helpers have been fantastic, whether helping with book displays, activities, or just chilling out with friends,


Thank you so much to everyone who has borrowed books, helped out either in person or on library Teams or simply just been there for company. Thanks also to Laraib and Fiza our Duke of Edinburgh helpers. You have all been amazing!

Can’t wait to see everyone next year and have even more fun.

Bon Voyage!

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