‘I am the Earth’ – A Citywide COP26 Music Project

As the world’s eyes look upon Glasgow ahead of COP26, the CREATE YMI & IMS team have launched an ambitious citywide music project based on the song ‘I am the Earth’ by Australian composer Glyn Lehmann.

Our tutors have created fabulous resources around this song for teachers to use in class. All the material, including lyric sheet, percussion rhythms, video lessons for early, first and second level as well as demonstration video and backing track can be found here.

The project will culminate in the creation of a video performance of recordings gathered from all schools and all stages citywide, which will then be broadcast at the start of COP26, along with special live performances from schools at high profile events during COP26.

In order to be part of the finished recording, please video your class performance along to the backing track provided and share via OneDrive to gw16oneillmartin@glow.ea.glasgow.sch.uk by Friday 8th October.