Unless specifically advised, schools will remain open during periods of severe weather. It is
vital that parents/carers ensure that schools have the means to contact them should this
position change. Decisions to close will be made as early as possible.
To be kept up to date with closure information:
By text or email through Fife Direct – Notification of a school closure is done by
schools through Fife Direct. To sign up to receive text or email alerts, please enter your
contact details via, click on Alerts and under Alert Services
click on join fifedirect.

By text or email through your school – Make sure that you have given your up to
date mobile number and email address details to the school so that they can contact
you via Groupcall. These messages will provide supplementary information to the above.
3. Visit Also, check the website of your own school.
4. Follow-us on and
5. Listen to Kingdom FM, Forth One and Tay FM.
6. Check TV on Sky channel 539, press red or Virgin channel 233, press red.
Please note: If your child moves school or attends more than one establishment, you should
amend the school details on your account in Fife Direct to ensure you receive information
from the correct school.

Schools also circulate severe weather information for parents and carers at the start of the
winter term. This may be added to their websites, shared through email or text messages
and/or distributed via school bag mail drop.

We will also update families regularly through our Facebook page – Commercial Primary School

Where the school is closed unexpectedly activities for learning at home will be added to the Home Learning tab