Adverse Weather

Today our school is closed due to the snow.  We hope everyone has the opportunity to get outside and play.  Staff have also created a list of activities parents and children may explore together.

Health and Wellbeing
• Find a healthy recipe e.g. soup. Write out the recipe. If you have the ingredients you could make this.
• Catch a snowflake/snowball. Make up a game where you catch something outside.
• Make up a circuit of activities you could do in the snow.

• Keep a diary of what you have been up to in the snow.
• Write a set of instructions on how to build a snowman.
• Write an imaginary story about a snowman that comes to life in your back garden.
• List as many adjectives as you can to describe the snow and weather.
• Practise your handwriting
• Revisit phonic sounds/spelling words already covered.
• Work on the alphabet/alphabetical order.

Numeracy and Maths
• Design a symmetrical snowman using 2D shapes.
• Hunt for 2D shapes and 3D objects around your house. How many can you find? Make a list of them.
• Practise mental maths – can you improve your speed and accuracy?
• Make a snowman, igloo or something else that is a metre tall! You could draw or take a picture of it and bring it into class.
• Play ‘counting on’ games such as snakes and ladders.

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