Welcome to our Falkirk Children and Young People’s blog. It is designed to help us hear from and about the children and young people who live and are educated in the Falkirk area. Yvonne McBlain and Jane Jackson, education support officers with Falkirk Children’s Services administer this blog.

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Whitecross PS P5/6/7 Fight plastic pollution.

Welcome to our blog post by p5/6/7 at Whitecross Primary school. We want to tell you about how we have been fighting plastic pollution down at our burn. Please click this link to view the first part of our presentation and this link to see the second part. Here are some of our thoughts: Ruby “I really enjoyed this topic because there was fun activities to do such as: litter picking and a class protest”… Read more

An opportunity to share your thoughts about climate change

Falkirk Council has a Climate Change team led by an officer called Mari-Claire Morgan. This team includes 5 people who work with all services across the Council to help everyone use energy efficiently. The team help us all study climate change in lots of ways, but this blog post explains how they connect pupils from schools with our local politicians – also known as “elected members”. From August 2022, we want to make sure that… Read more

Falkirk Children and Young People – Come and join our group!

In October 2021 around 300 children and young people from Falkirk Council schools met online for the first time. They chose to join this meeting because they wanted to have a voice and share their opinions about their education. Some of them were part of pupil voice or eco-groups in their own school, and others volunteered to come along as individuals. Many of these pupils care deeply about climate change and other issues which affect… Read more

Youth Club leaders organise a Summer Extravaganza for July 2022

Can you believe it is now June and our summer holidays aren’t very far away?! With that in mind, this message from young Falkirk leaders might be very interesting to you all.     HIYA We hope this letter finds you Happy and well. We are a group of Young leaders, known as the G O F F ‘s (Group Of Falkirks Future), that volunteer at our local Youth Clubs around Falkirk. This year, we… Read more

Pupils using their voices to shape their education at Braes High school

  Pupils and staff at Braes High School are creating new ways of working together to make sure that pupil voices and ideas shape the way their school works. Just before the Covid lock down and school closures, they began to build their existing Pupil Self Evaluation Leaders group by inviting all pupils to join in. 60 pupils representing all year groups volunteered, then in early 2022, 22 pupil volunteers met with David Ironside, depute… Read more

Calling all Secondary School Falkirk Pupils – do you want to shape the school curriculum?

You might know that the Scottish Government asked an organisation called the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) to report on how our education system should change following the coronavirus pandemic. The OECD made recommendations which included a need to update the curriculum (the knowledge, skills and attitudes pupils learn in school). So that it isn’t only teachers and head teachers who get to say what the new curriculum will be like, the OECD… Read more

Being a Member of our Scottish Youth Parliament – what it means to me by Robbie Burgess MSYP

I have had the opportunity to be the Member of Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP) for Falkirk West since 2017 representing all young people in Falkirk. The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) has given me lots of opportunities to improve my confidence and to represent young people. I spoke in the Scottish Parliament about the challenges faced by pupils with additional support needs and some schools are now making sure that they teach lessons in schools about… Read more

Information about our Falkirk Children & Young People’s group for parents and carers

Falkirk Children and Young People’s GroupAll pupils in Falkirk have been hearing about an exciting new project which offers them an opportunity to get involved in a Council wide pupils’ group. This post offers more information if your child has shown an interest in being part of this group. Hopefully the information below will answer any questions you have about what this will involve.What is the group?At the moment the group is called ‘Falkirk Children… Read more

Introducing Our Falkirk How good is OUR school Toolkit

Children and young people from Sheildhill, Laurieston and Bantaskin Primary Schools helped create a toolkit to make sure that pupils’ play a real part in the way their schools work. They made sure that the toolkit is easy to use. They spent time thinking about the kind of words to use so that the youngest children in our schools and early learning and childcare centres could understand the questions and give their answers. The adults… Read more

How to join our Falkirk children and young people’s group

What is the group for? The pupil group we are building will make sure that children and young people can help make decisions and changes which affect them in Falkirk Council schools and communities. Why do we need a children and young person’s group? You might have heard about the UNCRC in the news or in school? (Click here for more information about the UNCRC) This is an international convention or law which says that… Read more