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Anxiety Toolkit

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Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing Needs

Getting it Right for Every Child Experiencing Anxiety:

A Toolkit for Practice.


The Anxiety Toolkit- who is it for?

The anxiety toolkit is appropriate for all practitioners working across early years, primary and secondary establishments, to support children and young people presenting with anxiety.

Using the toolkit to support good practice in assessment and intervention will help the Team Around the Child to get further insight into what the child/young person’s Additional Support Needs are and how best to support them.

If the team around the child deems it appropriate to make a request for assistance to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), the toolkit can provide practitioners and families with a framework for thinking about the anxiety, how it presents and what interventions have been useful or not. This can provide valuable information for CAMHS to include in their assessment process.

In the process of assessing the child/young person’s needs, it may become apparent that school and family based supports are sufficient to achieve the desired outcomes and that a request for assistance to CAMHS is not required at the present time.

While the toolkit is specifically designed with evidence-informed approaches for assessment and intervention for anxiety, the toolkit can also be of assistance for other mental health and wellbeing concerns that practitioners and families have about children/young people.

A letter was issued to all Falkirk Council education establishments over summer 2020 with an update on the Toolkit.

Toolkit Contents

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Children and young people returning to school and early learning & childcare following school closures due to coronavirus  

We have produced the following documents to consult if there are concerns about a child’s wellbeing considered to have emerged or contributed to as a result of returning to school following school closures due to coronavirus (March to August 2020). These documents also have relevant content if children/young people have to be away from school due to self-isolatation, quarantine or other non-coronavirus related reasons.

Understanding and responding to anxieties in children that may arise from covid-19 and returning to school.

Supporting Successful Transitions: Recovery & Equity (Supporting Wellbeing & Achievement)

Falkirk Council Children’s Services Moving on Successfully, Early Year/Early Level guidance including Transitions 2020 Early years poster (Falkirk Educational Psychology Service)

There is further content related to coronavirus in the materials and guidance section and our blog for parents and practitioners


Online introductory session: Introduction to Getting it right for children and young people who experience anxiety

This is an introductory online session to understanding and responding to anxiety experienced by children and young people. The content is also of use to adults in supporting their own mental health.  The session is available and recommended for all staff working across early years, primary and secondary Falkirk Council establishments.
This session is delivered in 3 parts and is designed to be completed in the following order:
Part 1: Understanding anxiety (approximately 15 minutes, depending on time taken for 1 activity).
Part 2: Understanding anxiety continued (approximately 25 minutes).
Part 3: Responding to anxiety (approximately 1 hour including activities)

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