Your Child’s Device

Your child will be provided with their own iPad, charger and case as part of the Connected Falkirk programme. 

To support your child, some helpful info is included below. Full details of the Acceptable Use Policy and frequently asked questions can be found by clicking on the links.

Their Device


  • All pupils will be issued with an iPad 8th Generation 10.2″ 32GB which includes a number of ‘Accessibility’ features to support pupils in their learning. 
  •  All iPads will come with a rugged case and charger. We ask that you do not change this case and only use the official charger provided.
  • iPads will be linked directly to your child and the device name must not be altered.
  • All pupils will have access to the ‘App Portal’ where they can download all apps required for their classes.
  • All iPads will have the same web filtering tool which works regardless of where the device is connected to the internet.

Coming to school


  • All pupils must ensure that their iPad is transported to and from school safely in their bag as well as being fully charged every morning.
  • All iPads will be automatically connected to the Connected Falkirk wifi network. This applies when entering any school building in Falkirk.
  • It is vitally important that all pupils remember their iPads every day as failure to do so will result in class materials having to be provided for each lesson.

In Classes


  • Pupils will have access to all digital tools required for their lessons (Apple/Google/Microsoft) as well as their school’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This will also provide them with all the required cloud storage for their work.
  • Pupils will be responsible for using their device appropriately when in class.
  • Staff will use Apple Classroom to control pupil iPads in real time to support and facilitate learning. This can include locking their screens, forcing all iPads to a certain app or web page.

At Home


  • Pupils will be able to connect their devices to their home Wifi to support their learning at home.
  • Internet access is still filtered by Connected Falkirk even when the device is at home.

Any Issues


  • If you child forgets their password or resets their iPad, please ensure they inform class teacher immediately.
  • If your child damages their iPad this must be reported immediately to their class teacher as this will have an impact on them accessing the class materials.
  • If your child loses their iPad this must be reported immediately to their class teacher.
  • If your child is experiencing any difficulties with apps please let their class teacher know.