School Library Development: Sacred Heart Primary School Case Study 2

The new furniture has arrived and we created a story corner and senior comfy reading area for pupils to relax and enjoy their new books. Pupil Voice is central to Sacred Heart’s ethos and we consulted with pupils on how they would like their library to look. They asked for a nature theme, so we have an artificial grass story rug and nature-themed beanbags etc. A reading den was a popular request so we have an easily moved pop-up den in the story corner.


The picture books are all in front-facing browsers making them more accessible and inviting. The school used old ipad boxes to create fantastic displays on the walls.

The library looks amazing but the main difference is the wide-range of new books to appeal to every child. Pupils were consulted for their favourite authors, genres and interests but we also ensure that there are books for reluctant readers, dyslexic or struggling readers, comics/graphic novels, picture books for older pupils, diverse/inclusive books, wordless books and books in school community languages.

In many ways the easy part of the refurbishment is complete – we just have a few finishing touches to add. The most important part of a library refurbishment now begins: getting the most from your new library! How will the library be used? Who will look after the library? How can we make the library central to the school’s reading culture? What’s in the new library?

LRS will work closely with pupils over the coming weeks and help them explore all the exciting new books. Working with small groups of pupils we will find out their interests and direct them to new and diverse reading adventures.

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