Curriculum Bulletin – Mrs MacInnes P1-3 GME

Curriculum Bulletin

Sgoil Uibhist a Tuath

Primary: P1-3 GME

Term: 3


Interdisciplinary Topic: Discrete Subjects



Pupils will be learning about Space through play and investigation.



Sciences: Space- Pupils will be learning:-

·         Where the Sun and Moon are in relation to Earth in our Solar System.

·         Where the Sun and Moon are at various times of day or night.

·         How daylight and darkness happen.

·         How the patterns and movements of the Sun and Moon change over time.

·         The movement and patterns of the Sun, Moon and Earth relate to the length of a day, month and a year.

·          Social Studies: Pupils will be learning about:-

Famous related to Space exploration. Tim Peak and Neil Armstrong.


Technologies: Pupils will be developing their digital literacy in order to create a space themed animation.


Expressive Arts:

Pupils will develop their skills by using a variety of media and techniques  e.g oil pastels, chalk, wax resist, collage to create a space display.

Pupils will design and create rockets and a moon  buggy.

Drama- role play / imaginative play in a space station / rocket.




·         Counting activities

·         P1 – adding/subtracting  1 / 2 to a digit up to 20

·         P2 – adding / subtracting/ doubles to 20

·         P3 addition/subtraction

2 digit add 1 digit

2 ,4 ,5 and 10 multiplication and division



·         Fractions

P1 – halving shapes and objects

P2 – ½ ¼ shapes, objects and halving numbers

P3 – ½ ¼ objects, numbers and shapes


Literacy & Gàidhlig:

Writing – Developing imaginative stories:-

·         Punctuation

·         Handwriting

·         Sentence openers

·         Use of connectives

Reading – Finding and using information

Pupils will be encouraged to find information in books and through images develop their understanding of space.


Listening & Talking – Enjoyment and Choice

Pupils will be encouraged to recall information and explain what they’ve learned and express their feelings.


Health & Wellbeing :Food & Health – Nutrition and Safe and Hygienic practices

·         Eating healthily

·         Taking care of my teeth

·         Substance misuse


RE & Health & Well being (PE)


RE – Other world religions :- Buddhism

In other world religions we are focusing on Buddhism. We are learning about :-

  • Who Buddah was
  • What are the symbols of buddhism
  • Where buddhists worship
  • The key message of buddhism

PE – Health and wellbeing

The main focus for PE this term is Running  to improve stamina and speed.

Pupils will enhance their listening skills, concentration, team work, warming up/cooling down and improved stamina and speed.

  • Improve Fitness & stamina
  • Listening skills
  • Setting own targets


Circle time –  Health and wellbeing

  • Similarities and differences in people
  • Identifying different emotions
  • How to deal with different emotions
  • Understand the term Autism










Curriculum Bulletin – Term 3 – GME P4-7

Curriculum Bulletin

Sgoil Uibhist a Tuath

Primary: GME 4-7                               Term: 3


Interdisciplinary Topic: An Crios Grèine – ‘The Solar System’ Other subjects



To develop further our knowledge of science, our focus this term will be The Solar System.


Children will learn about the order of the planets and how the way they move affects night and day and the seasons.


They will also learn about the contributions made by different scientists to our understanding of the solar system today.


We will work together to create a 3D model of the solar system to further our understanding of the topic.


Our learning will be linked to our creative writing this term when children apply what they have learned to writing a space themed 500 words story for entry into the BBC 500 words competition.


During Fairtrade fortnight, children will develop their culinary skills using Fairtrade ingredients to make space themed treats! This will support our Learning for Sustainability towards the end of term.


Mathematics & Numeracy;



Big Maths: Beat Thats and Learn its.

Formal and mental division, linked to multiplication (inverse operation).


Fractions, decimals and percentages.


Literacy & English:


Creative writing – characterisation, setting and plot.

Grammar – powerful verbs and adjectives, adverbs (all)

Adverbials/fronted adverbials (P6/7 only)

Reading: Understanding, analysing and evaluating texts – comprehension activities to support children’s understanding of imaginative texts.

Talking & Listening – choosing imaginative stories to listen to and discuss.

P7  – CAB project – children choose questions to use in conversation with children from Sgoil an Rubha over Video call.


Health & Wellbeing:


Food and health: Nutrition and substance misuse.


Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport: Fitness and stamina – Cross Country.

Coordination and teamwork – Basketball.




Planet Earth:  Space: The Solar System




Food and Textile Technology: Developing skills and creativity while designing and making space themed baking.


Religious & Moral Education


Other World Religions:  Chinese New Year/Buddhism.


Expressive Arts


Art and Design: Creating a collaborative model of the Solar System.
Exploring techniques in line drawing for the John Byrne drawing competition with input from Taigh Chearsabhagh.


Health & Wellbeing – PE

Cross Country Training


  • Improve fitness & Stamina
  • Correct technique for warm ups
  • Stretching & cool downs
  • Increase distance rum
  • Participate in local cross country competitions


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