RagBag Recycling

Recycling your textiles at Sgoil Dhalabroig –
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A textile bank is now available for use by the community outside Sgoil Dhalabroig.  Please help to reduce the amount of clothing ending up in landfill by recycling your textiles locally.
Please place items in a half filled black bag or thick carrier bag.  Clothes do not need to be good condition, but it does helps if clothes are put in separate bags according to their condition.  Shoes are to be tied in pairs, if possible.
PE lesson on … balancing, jumping, crawling, and general gross motor skills! What fun we had, even I had a go 😋

It was also really nice to see everyone helping one another to complete the course as best they could!

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Ar Einnsean-Smàlaidh

Thainig Ruaraidh Steele chun Sgoil-Ariach an-de a’ coimhead airson cuideachadh.  Bha e airson an einnsean-smalaidh a ghlanadh oir gu robh e gu math salach agus bha an sgoil-araich gu math toilichte cuideachadh a thoirt dhath.

Ruaraidh Steele came into the Sgoil-Araich yesterday looking for some help.  He wanted to give the fire-engine a good clean because it was very dirty.  The Sgoil-Araich pupils were delighted to help him.

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