Colour Wheel Challenge

Over the Easter holidays pupils were set a challenge to recreate a colour wheel using objects found in their homes or surroundings. Here are just some of the colourful photos that pupils have uploaded. Well done to everyone who got creative and made these wonderful images. More images can be seen in the Gallery pages.


CSS Gallery (Communication Support Service)

Weekly Art and Design class with some pupils from the Communication Support Service.

The class are involved with a wide range of projects and use different medium such as clay, charcoal, paint and collage.

This is a fantastic project between the Art & Design Department and CSS within Williamwood High School, that is valued by all pupils and staff involved.

Find more images and posts in the Gallery section of our website.



The Art & Design Department have been focusing on sustainability within some design industries. Pupils who attend the Jewellery Club in the department have been creating a range of jewellery created using Lego. This is a wonderful way of up-cycling and recycling objects.  There was also an opportunity for the wider school to be involved at the Christmas Fair event. Pupils have designed a range of necklaces, tie slides, pins, earrings and bracelets. This was also a fantastic opportunity to allow pupils to be creative with another form of wearable art.

S2 Options Evening

S2 Options Evening

This evening was a fantastic opportunity to speak to pupils and parents/carers about the National 5 course. Showcasing examples of work from all courses taught within the department, including  Broad General Education units, National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher and Higher Photography.

If you would like to contact us or speak to staff about any of the courses or applying to art school, please contact us.


Exhibition Success

The Art and Design department wish to offer huge congratulations and a massive thank you to the S4, S5 and S6 students of 2019/19, who were part of the most successful and largest art and design exhibition to date. Our thanks are also extended to the team of pupils and the janitors who helped put the show together on the night. A further thank you to Helen Rogers and her hospitality team who served cold drinks and canapés on the night. Everyone had an enjoyable evening, over 250 people attended the event from Aberdeen Perth, Fife and beyond. We very proud of the department and its reputation across the country. We would also like congratulate the students from all levels for their hard work and motivation. The portfolios represent the time and energy that goes into the creative process when building a portfolio.