Applying for a job

Searching for a job

There are many ways to search for a job – go in to a store/business and ask someone, or look through the recruitment pages in your local newspapers.

Nowadays, the internet has become one of the main sources of job hunting.
There are a dozens of job search sites, a few of which are listed below, and they make it as easy as possible to search for a job.
So when you are getting started, you need to think whether you want to search for a broad spectrum of jobs, or something a bit more specific. The sites have a function that allows you to do both.
Searching for a job online
Some useful sites are MyJobScotland, S1Jobs and JobCentrePlus
Undertanding the advert 
Don’t just skim through a job advert; it is very important that you read the job description carefully! Some companies are looking for particular work skills, where as other may be looking more for personality and people skills. here are a few phrases to keep an eye out for:
Essential: These are qualities/skills that you must have. This could also mean that you need to have completed a particular course before they will hire you. If you can’t show off these skills or don’t have these qualifications, don’t apply!
Preferable/Desirable: These are qualities/skills that you don’t need to have, but companies would like their employees to use. If you see this in a job advert, think of the skills and qualities you have that you could link to what they are asking for.
Bear in mind your age when applying for either part-time or full-time work. Some jobs require you to be 18 by law before you can be employed. Others, particularly driving work, may require a certain type of licence like a HGV licence. Don’t rush into your job search, take your time, it will be quicker in the long term!
Applying for a job 
When applying for a job, the application process can either be carried out with the company/organisation application form, or by submitting a CV and cover letter.
When applying online, the application process can either be completed online, or a printable application form will be provided. If a CV is to be attached, this information will be provided.
Online application forms will already be split into sections. Just like when you are searching for a job, take your time when you are filling the form in as you may end up putting some important information in the wrong section!
For more info about CVs and application forms go to the Writing a CV section of the site.
Two variations of online applications (click on picture) 
Interview Skills 
Going for an interview can be a terrifying experience. All of us either have, or will be going through the process very soon.