Entitlements and Expectations

Entitlements and expectations

The entitlements for children and young people and the expectations of those most
closely involved in supporting their learning about the world of work and the choices they
make about their learning and possible career pathways are set out here. The entitlements
and expectations should allow coherence and consistency in the contributions of all
partners involved. Expectations are explicitly stated for the following groups:

• parents and carers
• teachers and practitioners
• staff from SDS
• employers.

Children and young people will be entitled to:

• experience a curriculum through which they learn about the world of work and job possibilities and which makes clear the strengths and skills needed to take advantage of these opportunities;
• develop skills for learning, life and work as an integral part of their education and be clear about how all their achievements relate to these;
• opportunities to engage in profiling that supports learning and the development of skills for work and future career choices;
• a learning environment that recognises and promotes diversity and supports them to understand that it is everyone’s responsibility to challenge discrimination;
• develop understanding of the responsibilities and duties placed on employers and employees;
• develop understanding of enterprise, entrepreneurship and self-employment as a career opportunity;
• know where to find information and access support making effective use of online sources such as My World of Work;
• develop CMS as an integral part of their curriculum;
• further develop CMS through the involvement of SDS Career Advisers in group and individual sessions as appropriate to personal circumstances and needs; and
• have access to a broad range of pathways through their senior phase including learning opportunities leading to work-related qualifications.

For more information on entitlements and expectations please see the link below to the Careers Education Standard.