There are immeasurable benefits to attending university and these come from experiences both inside and outside of the lecture theatres. Choosing to attend university can provide you with the opportunity to indulge your passion for learning: why not listen to the experts in a particular academic field so that you may follow in their footsteps? Why not gain the necessary qualifications required to access a successful and rewarding career? The possibilities are endless.

The skills you can develop through the university experience may be applied, not only in academic settings, but in your career and personal life too. You will develop fantastic interpersonal and organisational skills, adapting to an independent style of learning. Your communication skills will continue to evolve as you discuss theories with professionals and academic scholars, and collaborate with fellow students to create new concepts and ideas. As a university student, you must endeavour to be self-motivated and take responsibility for your own progress and achievement.

This may all sound like serious stuff, but don’t overlook the best bits: as you gain knowledge and understanding of your subject, you simultaneously enjoy independence like never before, becoming involved in fantastic extra-curricular activities, and meeting new people who share your passions and interests. Sound interesting?


As an undergraduate at university, you may initially study your chosen subject(s) over the course of three or four years. This may not sound very appealing – especially for those who are currently studying for Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications at school or college – but it is notably different from the type of studying you are familiar with. First of all, you can select a subject/combination of subjects you really enjoy. There are thousands of different courses available at a vast array of universities, both in the UK and overseas. Some of the qualifications you can gain whilst at university are listed below:

  • Undergraduate Qualification:
    • Three year degree
    • Four year degree (with honours)


  • Postgraduate Qualification:
    • Graduate Certificate
    • Graduate Diploma
    • Postgraduate Diploma
    • Masters
    • Professional Masters
    • Graduate Entry Masters


  • Research-based Qualification:
    • PhD and other doctoral research degrees


Check out the prospectuses for a variety of universities by clicking on the links provided down the right-hand side of this page. These will allow you to see the courses and levels of qualification offered by each establishment and will help you to narrow down your options.