S5 pupils! Summer School at the Univeristy of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is running a new free one-week Summer School this year, in partnership with the Sutton Trust. It will run from 7-12 July 2019 and is open to pupils who have just completed S5 and are continuing on to S6. It is a residential Summer School, with pupils living in University accommodation for the week. All meals will be provided and taken in University refectories and the Students’ Unions.

More information on the individual courses and eligibility can be found both on the Sutton Trust website: https://www.gla.ac.uk/study/wideningparticipation/supportingaspirationinschool/suttontrustsummerschool/

Applications are now open and will close at 5pm on Thursday 28 February

Pupils must apply via the Sutton Trust website at: summerschools.suttontrust.com