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April 18, 2019
by Mrs Allan

Springing into Spring in P2a

We’ve been working hard in Maths this week. We’ve been looking at vertical addition when the numbers are on top of each other. To help with adding three numbers, the circles have been learning to look for the pair that add to ten first.  It makes it much easier! We have also been learning about money and how to make values with different coins.

We wrote Kennings Poems about our holiday adventures.  We were cinema-watchers, ice-skaters, pizza-gobblers, game-players, doughnut-munchers, lamb-huggers, sofa-hoggers and TV-dancers. We are excellent poem-writers!

We have been learning about the story of Moses.  He was born in Egypt and was put in a basket as a baby.  He left Egypt becuase he was scared, but Moses trusted his God.

We started our weather topic this week too. We have daily meterologists that measure temperature, rainfall and the cloud cover every day.  We’ll post some pictures of our first week’s charts.  We made weather vanes and rain gauges to help us measure accurately.

In ICT we learned to keep ourselves safe online by saying no to friend requests from people we don’t know and asking an adult if we’re not sure about what we see on a screen.

March 29, 2019
by Mrs Allan

The last week of term…

In Science we finished our work on food chains. A plant is always at the start because it is a producer.  This means it makes its own food. An animal is next, which is a consumer because it eats other things.  The primary consumer is at the start, and then the secondary consumer. If one animal dies in a food chain, the whole food chain could die out.  Herbivores eat plants, carnivores eat meat and omnivores eat everything!


We did PE outside this week because the Primary 3s were using the hall for their fabulous show.  As well as “Steal ball”, we used the extra space to play a new game called Scatterball.  We used our running and throwing skills as batters and  fielders. With Mr Judge, we played another new game called Farmers and Foxes. We used our running and sneaky dodging skills. It’s lovely to get outside in the sunshine!


In Maths, we have been working on adding tens and units, looking at identifying coins and adding to 20.  In Literacy we were answering inferential questions.  This means it doesn’t tell you the answer in the book. We used the word “because” to give reasons for our answers.


In RME we explored the features of a mosque.  We learned about the dome, the Qu’ran, crescent moon and star, to wash before praying, taking off shoes, prayer mats facing Mecca and the imam.


We said goodbye to James this week as he starts his new adventures in a new school.  You’ll be brilliant!


You might see what we have been doing in Art and in writing on Sunday (if you are a mummy…)


We’re looking forward to a lovely holiday!

March 22, 2019
by Mrs Allan

Wonderful weighing and perfect performances



We started our week by hosting our visitors from Whitecraigs Care Home. It was wonderful to share our learning and we entertained them with songs, dancing and some of our writing.  We shared shortbread and a story, too.

We have been using our measuring skills in Maths this week as we use balances and scales to weigh objects.  In one activity we had to rescue characters from the castle…. but the drawbridge would only be able to hold 1kg.  We had to weigh characters to check who could make it out!  In another, we made a pick and mix from our loose parts and weighed it in grams.

We used our running, throwing, catching and balancing skills in games in PE this week.  It was lots of fun!

Finally, John was “amazing”, “awesome” and “perfect” in the Crookfur’s Got Talent final.  He said he was nervous, but we couldn’t tell!


March 15, 2019
by Miss Murchie

Last Rehearsals for our Scottish Afternoon and Much More!

This week we have been practising reading our Scots stories, singing our Scottish songs and doing our ceilidh dancing before our Scottish Party next Monday. We have also learned a new dance called the Reel.


In P.E. we have been learning to develop our throwing and catching skills. We started off with a small ball and then a bigger and faster ball. We also played a game where we had to take other team’s coloured objects to our hoop. This was develop our team work skills.


In French we have been learning about French food and drink. We have learned that le chocolat means the chocolate, le poisson means the fish, les bonbons means the sweets, un gateau means a cake, une glace means ice-cream, les frites means the chips, un ouef means an egg, une pomme de terre means a potato and un poulet means a chicken.


In ICT we have been learning how to be safe on the internet and how to send an email. We watched a video about e-safety called Hector’s World. To send an email we need to click on Microsoft Outlook, then go to New Email, type in who you are sending the email to, then write the subject in, type your email and then press send. We sent an email to P7a.

March 15, 2019
by Mrs Allan

Our fabulous week in P2a

The triangles and circles have been learning about metres and centimetres in maths this week. – O.M


The squares have been adding tens and units to a two digit number horizontally this week. – J.M


In literacy we have been learning to answer inferential questions. We need to look at the pictures and read to think of the answers. – O.B


In science we have been learning about food chains. -M.B

The first things animals eat are plants and then the animals eat animals in the food chain. – J.R


In PE we were doing jumping jacks in our warm up. – G.B


The class were learning about french foods. We learned the french words for apple, chocolate, cake, sweets and other things. – R.C


In writing we were writing a trip advisor review abou our school trip to Kelvingrove Mueseum. – J.F & A.D


This week we say goodbye and thank you to the wonderful Miss Docherty.  We’ll miss you!

March 1, 2019
by Mrs Allan

Our busy week in P2a in our own words.


In maths the triangles have been learning how to measure. – C.M


The squares have been learning how to add and take away multiples of ten. – M.B


We have talked about different places of worship. – I.Y


We have been singing our Jeely piece song. – J.B


We have been making paper flowers for the Scotland afternoon when the care home come to visit. – K.F


We have been learning how to write letters to someone. – M.K


In writing we have been writing letters to a character. – G.B


On Monday we got into our trip groups and made Scotland things. –O.B

March 1, 2019
by Andrew McMillan

P2B Class Blog Friday 1st March 2019

In Literacy and English we have been learning about fact and opinion.  Fact is when you can prove that something is true and opinion is what people think ad this can be different.

In writing, Mr. McMillan’s groups were using Wow words to describe our senses.  We had a picture of a scene and we had to imagine we were there and think about what we could see, hear, smell and touch/ feel.  Miss Murchie’s group were writing about what we would do if w were King or Queen for the day.  We used connectives in our writing.

In music we were practising our Jeely Piece Song and Caledonia.

We went to the cafeteria and we made some Empire Biscuits.  We used flour, jam, icing sugar and biscuits to make them.  We had to mix the water and icing sugar to make the icing sugar.

In Maths and Numeracy we did some problem solving.  We worked in groups of 9 where each person had a number from 1-9.  We had to split our group of 9 into 3 groups of 3 so that each group made had a total of 15 when they added their numbers together.  When we achieved this we then had other totals to make.  The hexagons have been learning about volume and then symmetry.  The squares and triangles have been measuring weight in grams and kilograms.  The circles have been learning about instructions for directions.

In P.E with the high school teachers we were playing games to develop our throwing and catching skills.

At our morning assembly today the Primary 1s did an assembly about toys.  They told us all about what they learned about toys.  We thought the assembly was excellent!

In ICT we have been learning about computer safety.  In R.M.E we have been learning about Moses.

February 22, 2019
by Miss Murchie

A Fun-Filled Week in P2b

In Literacy we have been writing letters. This week we wrote a letter to different shops asking for donations for our raffle at the Scottish Afternoon for the residents at Whitecraigs Care Home. We learned where to write the address, date, start the letter with Dear and end the letter with Yours faithfully or Yours sincerely. Yours sincerely is when you know the name of the person you are writing to and Yours faithfully is when you don’t know their name.


In P.E. we have been learning to record our scores and time to complete each activity. In athletics we have been developing our throwing, running, hopping, skipping and jumping skills.


In Science this week we were making equipment you would find in a play park because we were learning about things that move (motion) and the direction they move in. We learned that swings move in a back and forth motion, a roundabout moves in a circular motion and a person would move in a back and forth motion or side to side or up-and-down motion on monkey bars. A sea-saw moves in an up and down motion and a zip-line moves in a back and forth motion, Some of us made more than one piece of play park equipment in our pairs. We have been investigating the forces of pushing and pulling as well.


We finished the week on a high as well as on Friday we took part in the Tough Mudder. It was really muddy and some of the older children were

squirting water at us to get us clean because we were covered in dirt and also for a bit of fun. We slipped a lot especially in the tyres. We had lots of fun!





February 15, 2019
by Mrs Allan

A short wonderful week in P2a.

In Maths, the squares have been doing symmetry lines. “If something is the same on the other side it’s a line of symmetry, if it’s not the same, its not a line” (G.B). The triangles have been using number lines to 20.The Circles have been learning about tens and units. In problem solving today we were matching cubes to clues.  The cards were numbered 1-4 and we had to make a tower for the clues. (J.R)


In ICT, we read a book and then we thought what the ending would be and then drew the picture of the ending using the Paint program. I made the whole screen blue for my picture. (R.C)


In literacy we have been working on non-fiction. We have been using sub headings, indexes and contents pages. We used these skills to finish our Scotland leaflets.  They are informative and colourful.

February 15, 2019
by Andrew McMillan

Friday 15th February 2019 P2B Class Blog

In P.E with the high school teachers we have been developing our skills of throwing and catching. We played a game where we had to pass the ball to the player in the hoop without them dropping it and if they caught it we got a point.

In P.E with Mr. McMillan we were doing athletics. We have been working on our throwing skills (javelin and shot put), running and jumping (hurdles), jumping (long jump) and balancing (obstacle course). We were recording our scores and times and writing these in a table.

In Science we have started a new topic about forces. We have been carrying out experiments on toys to see what type of motion they made and if they needed pushed or pulled or both. The motions were zig-zag, circular, up and down or side to side.

In literacy and english we have been writing a letter to the care home.  We were inviting them to a Scottish afternoon that we are going to have in Primary 2 and we would like them to come as our guests.

In literacy and english we have been reading non-fiction stories.  We have been gathering information and sorting them under headings (making notes).

In maths and numeracy the hexagons have been using vertical calculations to carry and exchange, the squares have been working onnumbers up to 15, the triangles have been dooing family facts with addition and subraction and the circles have been exploring vertical calculations.

We have also been learning the Jelly Piece Song!

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