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September 7, 2018
by Andrew McMillan

Another busy week in Primary 2

In P.E. we were playing games to learn how to travel. – Ethan and Kerr

During our writing lesson we were learning to write an imaginative story about a house and describing it using our 5 senses. – Harley

In Maths, the Hexagons group were learning about 0dd and even numbers up to 100. – Jamie

The Squares group have been learning to find the missing number in a calculation and learning to change addition to subtraction calculations using a number line and pegs to help. – Ava

The Triangles group were using number fans to do mental maths with addition and subtraction to 10. – Sophie W

The Circles group were learning to make symmetrical shapes and patterns.

In Literacy we were learning to sequence the story using our storyworld book, into the start, middle and the end. We used the page numbers to help us. – Arjun

On Friday we were learning to count up to 10 in French by playing some games. – Ace

On Friday we were also learning about halves. We had to sort shapes into half and not half. – Evie





August 31, 2018
by Mrs Allan

Hello from Primary 2a!

We have settled into our new classroom and we are all enjoying learning new things in Primary 2a.


This term, we will be looking at houses and homes.  We have learned about different types of houses in Newton Mearns and other homes like teepees and castles!


As you can see in PE, we have been developing our balancing skills and jumping to make different shapes.


In Expressive Arts, we tried playing percussion loudly and quietly while watching a film clip of a thunderstorm. Playing quietly sounded like raindrops and we played loudly to sound like thunderclaps. (John)

August 31, 2018
by Andrew McMillan

Primary 2b’s Learning

We learned to sequence different stories. – Ethan

Sequencing is when we split up bits of the story into the start, middle and the end. – Kerr

In Social Studies we were learning about different types of houses and matching the names and descriptions of the houses to the pictures. – Ismail

In P.E. we were learning to practise our catching and throwing skills with a partner. – Ava

In French we were practising our numbers with number fans and playing French Musical Bumps. – Sophie B

In Art we made a collage. We were all making different designs on our collages. – Cormac

A collage is when you use different materials and make a picture with it. – Evie

In Music we were using different instruments to make quieter and louder sounds.  We learned that this is called dynamics. – Arjun

In Maths, some groups have been finding out missing numbers to complete an addition calculation. – Finn

June 27, 2018
by Miss Amin

Goodbye Primary 1c!

What a fantastic year it has been for Primary 1c! Every single person has grown so much throughout the year not just through their education but personally too! We have grown in confidence and believe we can achieve anything we want if we try our best!

Have a wonderful summer holiday Primary 1! I cannot wait to see you all back when you are in Primary 2.

Take care, have lots of fun and be safe!

Lots of love

Miss Amin 🙂


June 22, 2018
by Miss Amin

Lots and Lots of Learning in 1c

You may think school is nearly finishing, but everyone in class has continued to learn so many new things just before we finish up for the year! We are keen learners!

In Math’s we have been exploring place value in numbers – tens and units. Also, we have learnt about the greater than and less than sign and how to use it in different situations.



We were working in pairs and asking each other to add together two digit numbers together. They were tricky at first but it is very easy now to complete!

Exploring greater and less than signs!

We have developed our knowledge for symmetry too! We created our own symmetrical paintings using any shapes we wanted.

For our topic space, we went on a Planet Adventure. We chose one planet we wanted to explore in depth by reading different books and facts and then created a poster for it.



Lastly, since we are fantastic authors, we created and completed our Space non-fiction book!


June 15, 2018
by Mrs O'Meara

Shape, Electricity and Space!

2D shape

We have been exploring the properties of 2D shapes and using them to create patterns and pictures.



We used information books to do some research about space and have been having a go at spelling lots of Space words.



We have been looking at the importance of electricity in our lives and how it is important to keep safe around electricity. We created some safety posters and looked at how electricity is used in a range of different places.

June 15, 2018
by Mrs O'Meara

Super Science!


We had a great time at the Science Centre on our journey into Space at the planetarium. We also enjoyed exploring all the different exhibits and learning lots of new things. Thank you very much to all the parent helpers who joined us on our trip, making it a great day.

June 14, 2018
by Mrs Denholm

Our School Trip

We had so much fun at the Science Centre last week. The boys and girls are still talking about all of the exciting activities they got to take part in and were amazed with the Planeterium expereince. Thank you to all of our lovely helpers who kept us safe and answered lots of our questions.

June 8, 2018
by Miss Amin

Our Trip to the Science Centre

What a great day we had exploring the Science Centre! We used all our knowledge about Space and explored it through so many different activities. We even got to visit the Planetarium. It made some of us feel a little bit dizzy as the moving images spun around us.

Happy faces as we set off in the coach to the Centre!


This is where we began to learn about all the different planets in the Solar System! We also learnt about light pollution and what causes it!

Afterwards, we had enough time to investigate and explore all the different areas and activities within the Science Centre. What a great day everyone had!





June 8, 2018
by Mrs Denholm

Science Centre

We had a fab day today exploring at the Science Centre. The boys and girls were on their best behaviour and had lots of fun investigating each of the stations. We thorougly enjoyed our time in the planetarium and got to see lots of constellations, some planets up close and learnt lots of new space facts. Lots of photos to follow but here a couple to get started.

Have a great weekend everyone and a well deserved rest!

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