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January 11, 2019
by Mrs Allan

Happy New Year from P2a!


Reaching for Stars!

To start 2019 we thought about setting targets for the new year.   We used our new skills in repeating line patterns to create our hands and arms and wrote our targets on stars.  It is proudly on display in our classroom to inspire us.  Check back later in the year to see if we reached our stars!

We started this year by writing what we want to do on stars. (O.B)

We used cutting skills and patterns to make our reaching hands (L. H and E. T)


New year, new work.

In ICT we have been using the paint program to make pictures. It was amazing (J.B)

We started our Scotland Social Studies topic with Scottish cities and some ceilidh dancing… We found the doh-see-doh quite funny! (M.K)

January 11, 2019
by Miss Murchie

Friday 11th January 2019 P2B

In P.E with the high school teachers we were playing hand ball. We were learning how to pass the ball to each other before throwing it into a target.

We have started a new topic about Scotland. We wrote down what we already know about Scotland and what we would like to learn about Scotland.

We practiced our handwriting today, with a focus on the letter c and other letters that are formed in the same way (a, g, e, d, o etc.)

In problem solving we had to find the solution to a puzzle where each row and column had to have an even amount of cubes. Arjun and Christopher were the first to solve the puzzle.

In French we have been learning how to say the different types of weather. Here are a few examples; ‘il fait du brouillard’/ ‘it is foggy’, ‘il pleut’/ ‘it is raining’.

Livingstone had their House Reward Afternoon as they were the winning house last term. They watched a movie and had popcorn and juice.

In art we learnt about patterns. We looked at pointillism and created a 2019 calendar based on this technique.

In writing this week we were working on the skill of note taking and we used bullet points to write the key parts of the story ‘The Snowman’.

In science we have been learning about touch which is one of our senses. We focused on our skin and how we sense touch.

In maths the hexagons have been learning how to read the time. , the squares have been comparing numbers using greater than and less than, the triangles have ben learning about numbers to 100 and putting them in the correct order and the circles have been working on addition to 15.

December 14, 2018
by Andrew McMillan

P2B Class Blog Friday 14th December 2018

On Friday at assembly the p4s were telling us about Christmas around the world.  They told us about France, Mexico, Germany, Australia and Britain.  It was a great assembly with lots of songs!

We have been learning about Data Handling in Maths and Numeracy.  We carried out a survey around the school of favourite Christmas songs.  We recorded the number of votes and put them on a bar chart.  We also made a pictogram and a bar graph out of our snacks.  We put them into different groups (sweets, chocolate etc.).  We also sorted foods that we would have in a typical day into a pictogram under different categories (Protein, Carbohydrates etc.).

In ICT we have been making Christmas cards on paint.  We created 3D shapes to make presents.

In language we have been answering literal questions on texts.  We also created acrostic Christmas poems.

In P.E we were working in teams and played a variety of games.  With Mr. McMillan we did throwing and catching games and had a House boccia tournament.

December 7, 2018
by Mrs Allan

P2a superstar shows and literacy and maths

We hope that you enjoyed our Ralph the Reindeer show. We think that our performance was…. “excellent”, “amazing”, “fantastic”, brilliant” and super”.


As well as putting on a show, we have been working hard in the classroom too.

The squares have been working on adding and subtracting up to 20. The word problems were “tricky” (D.B).

The triangles have been learning about tens and units (M.K).



The circles having been working on angles and left and right (K.F). “We found right angles outside” (H.B).


In literacy, the Yellow group were being word detectives and looking for ch words.



In literacy we looked at snow sports. We had some snowy things in a tuff spot to crate stories.

December 7, 2018
by Andrew McMillan

Class Blog P2B Friday 7th December 2018

On Thursday we performed our Christmas show ‘Ralph the Reindeer’. We had been working very hard to practise all of the songs, words, actions and to create the props for the stage.  It was great to see so many people join us to enjoy the show.


We have been learning colours in French. We played a game where we had to go to the correct colour of cone when that colour was said in French.  We also coloured in the French words for each colour using the correct colour.


In literacy we read a story called ‘The Sniffles for Bear’. We had to recreate the story using loose parts and materials.  We then retold the story using the materials we had.


We did problem solving today in maths and numeracy. We had to design a flag for a club using the colours green and blue.  There were eight possible combinations and we had to find them all!


In ICT we have been learning how to control ‘Unit the Robot’. We have been programming the software to perform movements and actions.

November 9, 2018
by Andrew McMillan

P2B Class Bog Friday 9th November 2018

This week in our writing Miss Murchie’s group were describing what we did on a trip to space. We used WOW words to describe what we could see, smell, touch, taste and hear.  Mr. McMillan’s writing group used WOW words to describe what we could see, hear, smell and touch.  We used pictures to help us imagine what we would experience.

In science we have been learning about senses. We have 5 senses, they are; smell, taste, sight, touch and hear.  This week we took a close look at the eye.  We learnt what the different parts of the eye are called and what they do.  Then we had different activities where we had to use our eye to solve the puzzles and find the answer.

In P.E we have been learning football skills. This week we worked on our dribbling and control skills and passing skills.  We used the inside of our feet to pass and dribble the ball and we used the bottom of our foot to control and stop the ball.

In maths the squares have been using right angles to follow directions. This week we have been following directions using a map and writing directions.  The triangles have been doing calculations to find the missing number.  The hexagons have been using money and have been making amounts with the coins.  We have been calculating how much change we should get after buying something.  The circles have been calculating numbers to 12.

We have started a new topic about our bodies and how to keep them healthy. This week we looked at the Eatwell plate and learnt about the different types of foods and how they keep our bodies healthy.

In French we have been learning about the names of colours and how to pronounce them.

October 26, 2018
by Andrew McMillan

P2B Class Blog Friday 26th October 2018

Next week will be our class assembly. We have been working very hard this week, practising our words and song.  We hope to see you next Friday at our assembly.

We have been learning a new skill in reading; skimming. Skimming is when you use clues (like the pictures, heading and key words) to find out the meaning of the text.

We have been doing football in P.E. We developed our foot control skills when dribbling the ball.

In ICT with Mrs. Fry we drew a picture of a house.

In maths, the squares have been learning about right-angles and finding right-angles in our environment, the hexagons have been learning about money, the triangles have been learning about shapes and patterns and the circles have been learning calculations and adding numbers.

October 5, 2018
by Mrs Allan

Art and maths


As part of our work on Houses and Homes we created some paintings. We made a silhouette of different types of houses and tinted the paint to make the sky.



After sitting so well at Assembly, we had some active mental maths.  We flossed, dabbed, jogged and jumped to show the answers.


This week we have also worked on subtraction and linking addition facts and beginning to work on money.


You’ll be able to see our wonderful work in our jotters that some home today (Friday 5th October).

September 28, 2018
by Andrew McMillan

P2B Class Blog

In science we have been creating waterproof and windproof houses. We tested them by putting a sponge inside and then blowing on them with a hairdryer and a splashing water on them with a water spray to see if they worked.

We have been practicing throwing and catching in P.E with Mr. McMillan and Miss Murchie, we did lots of different throwing and catching games. With Mr Judge we played some movement games out in the MUGA.

We have been doing lots of predicting this week. Predicting is when you take a guess and you use the information you have to make it accurate.

We created road safety posters in writing which were for a competition. We had to include; bright colourful pictures, a slogan, neat writing and a clear message about road safety.

For our social studies topic ‘Houses and Homes’ we created our own floor plan for a house. We had to fit rooms, like a jigsaw in to the house and had to make sure people living in the house could move from room to room.

In maths we have been; measuring distance, finding the missing number, adding, and making patterns with 2D shapes.

September 28, 2018
by Mrs Allan

Maths, predicting and house building in P2a



This week we took some maths out into our garden before it got too wet!

“Mrs Allan hid the answers to the maths outside.” (J.B)    “It was a scavenger hunt.” (A.D)  “It spelled out SUM HUNT” (K.F) “It was really fun.” (J.F)

“We were measuring the hut in metres and centimetres” (A.T) “We measured how long it was” (J.R)


We have also been using our predicting skills by watching films, looking at pictures and reading stories.


In Social Studies, we have been pretending to be house builders by making a plan. “We were sticking in paper to make the front of a house”. Some of thought it was harder than it looks to fit all the bits in…

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