Proud to be Me Day

We celebrated our Proud to be ME day on Friday 14th June!

Each class explored a book or poem about being proud of ourselves and celebrating our unique identities. Here is some of the work we produced:

P7 – Exploring our heritage

P2 – Talking about our achievements


Some of the primary 5-7’s gave a talk about how to be an anti-racist.

and some children talked about what it means to be proud of yourself:



We also made a video that shows all the ways we our proud to be ourselves in Cross Arhurlie!

Proud to Be Me

The Rights Respecting Committee and others have been working on a ‘Proud to Be Me’ event for next month. We have been discussing articles:


2 – Freedom from discrimination

13 – Freedom of expression and

14 – Freedom of though, belief and religion.

We talked about what it means to be ourselves, and ways in which we are all different. We have been making posters to display around the school.


The Equalities committee have been learning about Ramadan. This is what we have learned:

Ramadan is the 9th month to Muslims and what they do for Ramadan is when they fast all day and eat at night. In other countries like Muslim countries they have school half a day but in Scotland we have full days because 1.4% of Muslims live in Scotland even though that seems like alot that isnt actually even half in big Cities.  in the Uk their are mosques which is like a place of worship. By Sienna

After Ramadan has finished, Muslims celebrate with a big festival called Eid – Daisy

Daisy and Isla:

Islay and Zara:

Ruaridh and Kamaran:

Lewis and Lewis:

Food Bank Donations – January 24

During January, The Rights Respecting Committee have been collecting and sorting donations for the local food bank. We have collected a huge amount of food and supplies and are very grateful for the kind donations. These will be collected at the end of this week.

Article 24 – Every child has the right to the best possible health.



Food Bank Donations

Thank you so much to everyone in the Cross Arthurlie Community for all of the generous donations. Over 100 bags of essentials, toiletries and Christmas treats have been welcomed by Barrhead Food Bank and will help people to enjoy the Christmas season!


Reverse Advent Calendar

What an amazing start to our, ‘Reverse Advent Calendar Appeal!’  All contributions will be delivered to Barrhead food  bank which they are extremely grateful for. There’s still plenty of time to bring things in. All items will make a huge difference.

Working in partnership with Barrhead High School

Pupils from S2 and S3 in Barrhead High came to deliver a lesson on ‘Respect’ to our Primary 7 pupils. They were impressed by our knowledge of rights. They posed different scenarios to us about respect and we had to decide if we agreed and disagreed with the statements.


We took part in an ‘iceberg’ activity to identify feelings and issues we share with others and things we may keep ‘hidden’, things we are not as comfortable discussing with others, e.g. poverty, family circumstances. We talked about strategies we can use to support  and show respect towards these issues and feelings.

Sharing our learning about Fairtrade

We have been making a Fairtrade wall display using the Fairtrade packaging the whole school collected.

We have looked at the results from the Fairtrade survey completed by each class and the P7 Equality reps have collated it into a spreadsheet and bar graph.