Obstacle Course Fun!

Some of the children decided to make an obstacle course in the outdoor area.

There was great team work as they created the course using lots of different objects. They worked together well  moving  the larger objects.

Once  the obstacle course had been built it was time to have a go on it. They risk assessed it to make sure all the sections ‘felt safe’ to walk on.

The boys and girls gave each other a little helping hand if anyone wanted it – how kind!

I am learning to move my body well, exploring how to manage and control it and finding out how to use and share space.
HWB 0-21a


Mrs Mahoney had observed some children last week showing an interest in magnets within the playroom. To develop  this further, Mrs Mahoney decided to set up an activity this morning to allow the children to explore various objects and test them to see if they were magnetic. There were jars filled with coins, nails, pipe cleaners, hair clips and keys.  Some of the children enjoyed moving the objects inside the jars with the large magnets.

“Some of the coins stick because they are metal.”

“My hair band stuck to the magnet!”

Through everyday experiences and play with a variety of toys and other objects, I can recognise simple types of forces and describe their effects. SCN 0-07a

Creating Shapes!

In the playdough area today the children were creating lots of different 2D shapes with balls of playdough and cut up straws.

The children were talking about how many sides the shapes had and their favourite shapes. There was lots of manipulation with the playdough, also helping to promote fine motor development.

“I was making a triangle and squares and rectangles!”

“The triangle has 3 sides”.

Not a Box!

There have been lots of large empty boxes in the nursery and school lately as new furniture and resources have been arriving and we thought that it would be good to re-use these!
Mrs Bryers found a fabulous story called ‘Not a Box’ and watched it with the children.

It was all about how a box can be anything if we use our imaginations and so that’s what we did in the block area today…………

It’s a racing car!

It’s a rocket. “It has fire, the cups are the fire. The rockets goes into the sky with the birds.”

We made trains, PJ Mask headquarters, fireworks,  fire engines and lots more. What creative minds our children have!


Doctors Surgery has opened at Crookfur Nursery!

Miss Gourlay consulted with the children about what they would like the role play area to be for the next few weeks.  After sharing their ideas, they voted on a doctors surgery! The children have really been enjoying the surgery since it opened, taking on the role of the receptionist and booking in patients’ appointments. “Okay, it will be 10 minutes so just have a wee seat there.”

They have also been using their imagination to play the role of doctors and nurses and the sick patients. “I’ve got the doctors medicine bag to make her better, she needs this one here”.

“The doctors bed is helping me get better, I just need a wee lie down.”






We’ve got the moves!

We have really been enjoying our time up in the gym hall in our groups. During the gym session we have been learning to listen to different sounds and music and respond to them in different ways by moving our body. We have been learning to make quick steps, slow steps, big steps and little steps as well as copying an action on the beat. We’ve been talking about the importance of warming up and cooling down after exercise and know how to feel our heartbeat! All of these learning experiences are helping us to develop our phonological awareness as well as our gross motor (big muscle) skills!

“look at me, I’m doing wavey arms”

” For the monster dance you do big huge steps”


Something different in the water…

When the children arrived today, they found the water was different. “It’s so gooegy!” ” I like it, it’s soft on my hands.” Mrs Bryers had put “Gelli Baff” in the water -a powder than transforms water into a green goo! The children loved the sensation of it in their hands and had lots of conversations about it. Some of the boys and girls used their imagination to use it as a swamp for their dinosaurs for small world play. “The dinosaur egg is hiding in the swamp and the Mummy can’t find it.”  Later on this week, the children will help to dissolve the goo back into liquid!

Getting Creative with Numbers!

This morning, the children explored numbers using number stampers. They were encouraged to identify the numbers on their paper and sequence them. Some of the children decided they wanted to touch count the little gems to match the number stamper they had chosen. The children showed a lot of concentration whilst counting and sometimes  re-counted to ensure accuracy!

Animal Patterns

Today was World Animal Day. We were learning about different animals, their features, their habitats and what they eat!

Some of the boys and girls read ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. We looked closely at the  patterns on some of the animals. Nico spotted that the inside pages were the same pattern as a zebra.“they are lines.”
“they are called stripes.”
We explored lots of different patterns and ways to make patterns in the playdough using different tools. “I have got a giraffe, they are very big and like to walk about and eat leaves from trees. Because they are so big that’s how they can eat the leaves.”
” It’s like little circles that they have on them.”We wondered how we could make circle shapes in our playdough.

“We could press with our finger to make spots ….. look it’s worked.”

Calum thought to use the feet of our toy giraffe.

We are going to continue exploring more patterns tomorrow.

Exploring with our new Woodland Backpacks!

Today was our first day at Woodland of this session. The blue group had a great time using our new Woodland backpacks that are filled with various resources such as magnifying glasses, clipboards and pens and binoculars.

They spent the majority of their time trying to find as many leaves, trees and insects as they could and marking on their paper each time they found one.  The children counted to see how many different things they could find and compared their findings with their friends.

Of course, some of us got a little bit muddy! 🙂

Making Playdough

Our playdough area has been very busy recently as the children have been showing great interest in playing there.  We made lots of playdough this morning so that we had enough to share out.
‘We need to use our recipe!’
We measured out our ingredients and then stirred them together. The children selected the colours of playdough that they wanted and discussed shades as they put in different amounts of paint.
‘This looks like pink instead of red.’
‘It looks like the colour of watermelon.’
‘Its turquoise.’

Our playdough was very hot.
‘We could blow on it – that’s what  we do with my dinner if it is hot’.

We checked that it had cooled down and then used it to make lots of shapes and patterns.

‘I have rolled  a big and a small ball’.


“It’s like a real Volcano”

This morning, the boys and girls were experimenting with different ingredients to find out what happens to them when you mix them together!

First of all, the children counted out a few spoonfuls of baking soda.





Then they squeezed out and added some washing up liquid.

“It smells like a bathtub.”




Vinegar was added next, “It smells a little bit like coffee.”





After adding some food colouring, they began to mix it all together. “Ahhh it’s about to start leaking about.”



“it’s like a real volcano.”

Potion Station

The boys  and girls have shown great interest  in mixing and creating new potions and perfumes. They helped Mrs Robertson to set up a potion station in our outdoor area.  They selected lots of different bowls and tools for measuring and mixing things together. They used different materials and different quantities.

The children have been exploring lots of different plants and herbs using their senses.

We have lots of budding scientists….. or chefs!

“That’s rosemary.”
“That smells nice”

“I am squeezing the bottle to get the water out, I am mixing it together to make perfume.”




A Busy Maths Week So Far……………

Exploring shapes at the block area
“I have made a butterfly. It’s eyes are little squares and the wings are a rainbow shape”

 We have been using lots of dominoes to play games and help explore number.
“They have spots on them.”
The children wanted to make their own dominoes so they have been cutting out rectangles and painting them black. They will count out and stick the spots on them tomorrow when they are dry. The ladies were even all dressed up as dominoes today!

The boys and girls had lots of fun counting their spots and working out who had most!

We had a special visit today from a mathemagician!
He did  lots of  funny tricks with long and short ropes and coloured balls.
“I like the traffic lights. It was so funny, they didn’t go in the correct order properly -they kept getting muddled”

Look at our confident helpers who went out and assisted with some of the tricks. Well done girls – you were stars!

 Exploring volume!
“We use this to measure the water. These are the numbers so we know how much there is.”

Hitting the Road!

We took our bikes down to the bike and scooter park at the front of the school today. We made sure we were safe with our helmets on. We followed the arrows to make sure that we all went in the same direction and we noticed the big STOP sign on the ground!

  Oh dear! Even the STOP sign didn’t stop a collision but both our drivers were unharmed!

Time for Music

We had suggestions from children and parents to develop a music area in our playroom. Mrs Robertson has been working with the children to set this up. They decided to use a pallet as a stage. The children wanted to make it comfy so thought about putting some carpet on it. They measured and fixed the carpet to the pallet using some tools!

Next, they needed some curtains and then it was off to perform on our new stage ……….


Fun Outdoors!

To develop our outdoor area further, Miss Scott is going to be working outdoors all year with the children. She is our Outdoor learning champion and has attended many courses about loose parts play  and the benefits of risk taking during play experiences. It is already beginning to look a little different in our outdoor area.  The children have been enjoying imaginative play in our mud kitchen and exploring with different materials. We are continuing to develop our sensory garden and the children have been learning about the different plants there. Our new hose has enhanced our water play as well! Miss Scott has certainly been enjoying herself…


Our first week

It has been lovely to see all of our new children settling into our Nursery over the past week.  Our returning  pre-schoolers have being doing a fabulous job helping them around the playroom and showing them how to use some of our toys and games.  The children have been playing a lot outdoors, exploring in the new mud kitchen. Mrs Robertson brought in treasure and treasure pots which the children have been using in their imaginative play and spending lots of time investigating with. 🙂







Al the staff would like to congratulate Mrs Cohen, Mrs Bryers and Mrs Keith who were all successful in their interviews yesterday for posts at Crookfur Nursery.

We are delighted that they have become permanent members of our nursery team!

End of Year Garden Party!

We all had a wonderful day on Friday celebrating the children’s achievements at our ceremony and garden party.  We were very lucky that the sun came out so we could enjoy some refreshments and cake outdoors. We wish all of the children who are off to school in August a huge good luck! We will miss you all lots! It has been a pleasure working with all the children and families this year and we look forward to welcoming our ante-pre-schoolers back after summer! 🙂


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