The Missing Puppet!

We were told that our grey fluffy crocodile was stolen from the class! We had information from 4 witnesses and we had to highlight the clues which helped us find who the culprit was. We had to put the most important information into a table to help us create an identikit. We drew a picture using all the clues, for example brown curly hair, brown eyes, an oval shaped face, a long neck, long eyebrows, rosy cheeks, red lipstick, a purple coat with yellow spots and a gold necklace with a blue stone in the middle. The culprit was Mrs Ferguson but it was all just a joke!


Putting the information into a table was a good way to display our findings. Ollie P3

It was a bit like cluedo! Andrew P3

Putting the information into a table helped me understand it a little bit more. Jodie P2

I think it helped me with finding information. Alex P3

I didn’t know we were just meant to highlight the information that told us what the person looked like. Next time I will try to not highlight longer sentences. Rudi P2



We have been learning about Ganesh in RE. We really enjoyed listening to the story of his life and on Thursday we put the story into our own words and added in some of our own detail!

Olivia and Andrew

Chopsticks Challenge!

Today we had a chopsticks challenge because we have been learning about Chinese New Year for RE.

We had to move Maltesers from one bowl to another using only chopsticks and it was a lot of fun!


I won! I got 32 Maltesers into the bowl. Zoe P3

It was so hard to know how to pick them up! Andrew P3

I was the best! Oliver P2

I found it so hard, I got 0 in the bowl! Jamie P2

The Virginia Reel

In preparation for our Burns Competition, we have been doing some Ceilidh Dancing with Primary 1.

We had lots of fun trying to dance the Virginia Reel with a partner.

I found it really hard spinning with my partner and knowing which arm to use. Rudi P2

I enjoyed the dancing because Oliver and I skipped through the middle of everyone. Jodie P2

It was very hard keeping in time with the music. Andrew P3

It was embarrassing dancing with a P2 who is taller than me! Ollie P3

It was tiring on my arms! Zoe P3


Planet Earth

For our Science topic we watched Planet Earth and Blue Planet clips to learn more about food chains.

To feed the baby penguin the Mum had to regurgitate her food. It was disgusting! Rowan P2

I didn’t know that seals ate penguins and we saw a seal diving into the water to get a penguin. Andrew P3

I liked the bit where the eagle came down and got the bird. It was so cool! Alex P3

I liked seeing the fish eating the plankton and then being chased by the hammerhead sharks. Rudi P2

I didn’t know a baby wildebeest could out run a hyena on it’s first day! It took 4 minutes for the baby to learn how to walk. Jack ad Dexter P3



Shape Robot Making

For Maths Week, we created shape robots. Primary 2 used 2D shapes and Primary 3 used 3D shapes.

We had a lot of card and we had to cut out shapes to make the different parts of the body and we labelled the shapes by writing their names – Olivia P2

We used cubes, cuboids and cylinders with boxes, toilet roll tubes and bottles to make the robots – Alex and Harry P3

I liked putting the wheels on with toilet roll tubes – Dexter P3

I enjoyed gluing and sticking – Sophie P2




Outdoor Science!

As part of our Food Chains Science topic we went outside and looked for examples of prey, predators, producers and consumers. We saw midges, spiders, tadpoles, worms, birds and wasps.


I really liked stamping on the ground to find worms! – Oliver P2

I liked looking at the tadpole eggs – Ollie P2

I liked finding different animals – Andrew P3

Digital Learning

We have been learning how to use the ‘activote’ devices.  The Primary 3s have been excellent digital buddies for the Primary 2s and together we have been completing online quizzes using the devices.  Primary 3 can register independently and are supporting the Primary 2s to achieve this.  We are also working in Glow and learning to log on using our username and password.  This is proving quite tricky as there is a lot of typing involved and the passwords need to be accurate!  We are getting there though.  In the next couple of weeks we hope to start using Yammer which is our secure, online class communication area.

Primary 2/3 get ready to start a new year

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