Nut Policy

Nut Free Policy

A number of pupils and staff in school suffer from allergies. People who suffer from allergies can develop a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. If someone has a nut allergy it is not just eating nuts that can cause a severe reaction; just being touched on the skin or smelling the breath of someone who has had nuts or a product containing nuts can trigger anaphylactic shock which can cause breathing and swallowing difficulties which can sometimes be fatal.  The letter has been issued to all parents/carers here.

Nuts are not allowed in school in any form.  We ask that you have no nut products in your lunch boxes or in staff bases, for example: 

      Peanut butter sandwiches

       Chocolate spreads

       Cereal bars

       Granola bars

       Cakes that contain nuts

       Biscuits / Cookies that contain nuts

       Peanut butter cakes

       Chocolates including Roses, Heroes, Celebrations, Quality Street

This list is not exhaustive, so please check the packaging of products closely.

All product packaging must be checked for warnings directed at allergy sufferers and if the following or similar are displayed, the product must not be brought:

·         Not suitable for nut allergy suffers

·         This product contains nuts

·         This product may contain traces of nuts

First Bus Update

Please find below communication from First Bus:

Dear School,

As will already be aware, the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant effect on everyone’s lives and has raised a number of challenges for all of us in terms of adapting to new ways of working and living, with the ultimate aim of keeping everyone safe on the journey towards a new kind of normal.

At First Glasgow, we’re proud to have been able to keep the city and surrounding areas moving through the delivery of essential journeys throughout lockdown and, as businesses and schools begin to reopen, we’re welcoming back more and more customers as they set out on their own journeys towards a new normal at work or school.

The vast majority of the services that we operate are now back running at their pre-covid levels in terms of how frequent each route runs. However, with physical distancing in place to keep everyone safe while they travel on public transport, each of our buses at the present time, and for the foreseeable future, has restricted capacity on board at a level of approximately 50%. To put this into a plain context, our single decker buses can each only hold a maximum of 17-20 passengers, while our double decker fleet can only take a maximum of roughly 34-38 passengers.

Given that we only have around half of the normal seating capacity available to use, and with our entire fleet already in use, there is a very real risk that large numbers of pupils will not be able to board their initial bus of choice, or indeed a subsequent trip that follows on our busiest routes, and they therefore risk being stranded at the bus stop. We expect this situation to be at its most prevalent during the morning and afternoon peaks at school entry/exit times.

With that in mind, we decided to contact schools along many of our bus routes to make them aware of this issue upfront and to advise that schools make plans for this information to be communicated internally to students and to further cascade this information out to the parents of attending pupils.

The capacity restrictions that we’re dealing with are one of the biggest challenges that we’ve ever faced, and we cannot stress enough how important it is that parents realise the strain that bus networks will come under when schools return. We’d therefore appreciate any assistance that schools may be able to give via their own communication channels to get the message out to parents not to just assume that their children will be able to hop on the first bus that comes along.

While this situation is far from ideal, I can assure you that we’re doing absolutely everything possible to mitigate the effects of instances of full buses, and our service network will therefore continue to be reviewed regularly in an attempt to adapt to ever changing demand.

In the meantime, we do have a number of new journey planning and real time data tools that can be accessed through our website and app to help passengers check exactly how busy a bus is as it operates along the route, as well as a space checker function to help plan ahead and travel at quieter times. These are:

First Bus App: Now shows on a live basis, exactly where buses are on a route, with each bus on the map also showing how many free seats there are on board – it even tells you whether or not the wheelchair space is available. When a bus reaches its maximum capacity, it will show as ‘full’ on the app map and the screen on the front of the bus of the affected trip will show ‘Bus Full due to Social Distancing’.

First Bus Space Checker: This function is a new feature only on our website for the moment, but it helps customers to plan their travel movements up to 7 days in advance and identify on the routes that they intend to use when buses are busy and quiet. This works by analysing the data from each service from the previous week and generating a ‘capacity heat map’ that shows when the routes are at their busiest, and when they tend to be quieter. The function is designed to help spread passenger demand across the route and encourage travel at quieter times, thereby helping to reduce instances of buses becoming full where possible, through advance customer planning.

I hope that the above information is helpful in outlining the challenges we as a bus operator are currently facing with physical distancing in force, as well as the advances in journey planning methods and frequent network reviews that we’ve introduced to try and mitigate instances of buses becoming full where possible. If you have any questions on our services, or if I can assist any further, please do get in touch.

Robert Burns

Stakeholder Engagement Officer (Scotland)

School return for pupils – Wednesday 12th August

An email has been sent to all parents and carers from the Headteacher regarding the start of school next week.  A copy of the email can be viewed here as well as a copy of the letter from the Director of Education and the school’s nut policy.

Specific registration classes for pupils have been detailed in your email.

S1:    Ground floor

S2:    First floor

S3:    Science rooms

S4:    Second floor

S5:  Ground floor and ICT

S6:    Various

SQA Exam Results

Good luck to all S4, S5 and S6 pupils who are receiving their SQA exam results tomorrow.  We are proud of all of you.

The SQA’s Candidate Advice Line (0345 279 1000) and Skills Development Scotland Exam Results Helpline (0808 100 8000) can provide advice from 8am on 4th August.

Please find here a letter regarding arrangements for any renegotiation of subject choices for S5 and S6 pupils.  A leaflet on SQA Post Certification Reviews and further information can be viewed here.

University of Glasgow: Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine Admissions & UCAT Update 2021

Information from the University of Glasgow:

We appreciate that students applying for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine for 2021 entry are now beginning work on their UCAS applications in time for the 15 October application deadline. Given the current situation we know applicants have some concerns around admissions tests, work experience, grades and more, and as such we wanted to give you a University of Glasgow 2021 Admissions Update for Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and UCAT.

Medicine (MBChB)

Our Medicine course at the University of Glasgow is a fully professional 5-year degree, which will allow students to become a Medical Doctor. The Medicine degree at Glasgow utilises a mixture of teaching styles and methods within a spiral curriculum, and includes clinical skills and experience throughout. The University of Glasgow Medical School is one of the largest in the UK and is ranked 1st in the UK (The Complete University Guide 2021).

Medical School Admissions information and FAQs:

UCAT information: please see below under ‘UCAT’

Work Experience statement, 2021 entry: We appreciate that work experience can be difficult to arrange, especially for high school students, but please note that work experience in a medical setting is not a necessary precursor to studying medicine at Glasgow.  We would expect that applicants would have at least spoken to a doctor about a career in medicine – but that could be their own GP for example – and have researched the career path via the careers office as a starting point.  An awareness of current issues facing the medical profession and the NHS is also expected, which can be obtained from newspapers, medical journals and the internet.  Many applicants do demonstrate an interest in caring for others through voluntary work in a medical setting, such as a care home or hospice, but such experience could be equally well demonstrated by involvement in mentoring younger students, brownies/guides, working in a charity shop or involvement in local community initiatives such as foodbanks or helping the homeless for example.

Dentistry BDS

Our Dentistry degree is a fully professional 5-year programme, which will allow students to become practising dentists and is ranked 1st in the UK (The Times & Sunday Times Good University Guide AND The Complete University Guide 2021). The degree is taught at the Glasgow Dental Hospital & School in the city centre, 1 mile from campus, providing integrated teaching & learning with clinical skills in a professional and interactive environment.

Dental School & Dentistry Admissions information:

Dentistry Person Specification for applicants:

UCAT information: please see below under ‘UCAT’

Work Experience statement, 2021 entry: For entry in September 2021 we are not asking applicants to carry out work shadowing.  In an effort to keep things as straightforward as possible whilst there is so much uncertainty around, we will not be replacing this with any additional requirements. We do realise that this will mean a huge change to personal statements, particularly with the cancellation of many other extra-curricular activities, our BDS person specification contains a list of the attributes we look for at interview and we do hope that the majority of applicants will have alternative experiences, out with a dental environment that they can draw on to demonstrate these attributes.  We would also recommend that applicants take a look at our Be a Dentist app, which is available for iPhone and Android which contains some excellent videos from dentists in a variety of career tracks to gain some additional information on the profession. The Dental Schools Council has also published information on the ways applicants can learn about what a career in Dentistry will involve.

Veterinary Medicine BVMS

Our Veterinary Medicine & Surgery degree is also ranked 1st in the UK (The Complete University Guide 2021) and is one of only six Vet Schools in Europe accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association, meaning our graduates can practice in multiple countries as well as the UK. A fully professional 5-year degree, we have full range of dedicated teaching, clinical and animal facilities at our Vet School (which is located at our Garscube campus, 3 miles from our main campus) and beyond.  The degree includes clinical skills and experience alongside interactive animal handling and care.

Veterinary Medicine Admissions information:  

Veterinary Medicine information in relation to Covid-19:
Work Experience statement, 2021 entry: We are aware that some applicants may currently be unable to complete work experience due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, we are therefore going to REDUCE our requirement for 6 weeks work experience. We would like applicants to have at least ONE week with a veterinary surgeon.  The COVID-19 situation is continually evolving and when the picture becomes clearer, we will publish further guidelines relating to work experience and any other changes to our admissions process for applicants in 2020 for entry in 2021.  We will update our web page regularly. Applicants are also advised to conduct their own online research into areas where they have been unable to gain practical experience to boost their knowledge and understanding of the veterinary profession.

UCAT Information

Glasgow ask for the UCAT test as part of the admissions process for both Medicine and Dentistry.
UCAT have now provided an update for the test in 2020 (for 2021 entry). One of the key changes is that students will be able to sit the UCAT test from home or at a Pearson VUE test Centre.  There are no changes to the test content and the test will be the same regardless of whether it is taken at home or at a test centre.  Registration for UCAT opens on 1st July 2020, and students are encouraged to book their test as soon as possible. Testing will take place between 3 August – 1 October 2020.

UCAT resources:

Important Information Leaflet:

UCAT Preparation Plan video:


Upcoming events and resources:


·         UCAS Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine virtual event

·         Thursday 23 July, each university will have their own availability between 7am – 11pm.

University of Glasgow Virtual Open Days & Events:

Summer Holidays

We would like to thank parents/carers for their lovely messages of support during a time of constant change.

We wish all of our pupils, staff and parents/carers an enjoyable, healthy and relaxing summer holiday.

We look forward to seeing pupils on Wednesday 12th August.

Any pupil who requires support during the summer, can access details on the Pupil Support page here.  Information and contact details of support agencies can also be viewed here and here.  In addition, Child Protection information is on the school website and can be found here.

Head Boy and Head Girl

Congratulations to all pupils who applied for Head Boy and Head Girl.  The standard was excellent.  All of the votes have been counted and the new Head Boy and Head Girl for session 2020/21 is: 

Head Boy: Rory Ireland

Head Girl: Ava Mutter

Thank you to Mr McLeish, Mr McKenna, Mrs McFadzean and Mr McAllister for all their help with the campaign tasks and to Mrs Monaghan and her helpers for the count of the vote.

School Uniform – Blazer Braiding (S5 and S6)

Due to current circumstances, Stevenson’s are not able to offer a blazer braiding service this year.  Julie’s Alterations on Clarkston Road is offering a blazer braiding service.  In order to try and spread the demand for braiding and increase the likelihood of braiding to be ready for school returning in August, Julie’s Alterations is offering a home collection service during the month of June.  This would ensure that existing blazers which require braiding to be added can be completed in June.  New blazers being purchased in July can then be braided in July by dropping them off at the shop.  Braiding prices are:

S6 Full Colours only £27

S5 Colours £16.50

S5-S6 Colours only £16.50

Depute, prefect and Head Boy/Head Girl braiding:  additional £5

Contact details:

Through Facebook Julies Alterations 

Phoning shop Tuesday -Friday 10am – 4pm 

0141 637 5186 

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