Practical Subjects

All practical subjects on offer are taught in a workshop-based setting and provide many skills which are appropriate to a wide range of applications. All courses will develop skills in marking-out, cutting, shaping, machining and materials. Apart from giving an insight into industrial practice, such studies help with the development of self-confidence, manual dexterity and control, perseverance, maturity and spatial awareness

.The aims of any practical course on offer is to:

  • develop skills in reading drawings and interpreting diagrams
  • identify, select and use a range of workshop tools and equipment
  • develop basic skills in measuring and marking out of materials
  • develop basic skills in cutting, shaping, fixing and joining materials
  • apply safe working practices in a workshop or similar environment
  • take account of good practice regarding sustainability and recycling.


Automotive Skills

Practical Metalworking

Practical Woodworking