Higher Textbooks



S4 National 5 pupils have been given access to an online Teejay Higher Textbook while schools are closed.

A link has been sent to each pupil which they can access via their Glow email.


All S4 National 5 pupils starting the Higher course should access this link at the earliest convenience and gain access. This will allow teachers to allocate work from the resource.

S1 3D shapes materials

As a back to Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom we have also decided to put some notes on the website here in case pupils cannot access their teacher’s post in the relevant group.

Here are the notes for the next week (approx) for S1.  This may culminate in a 3D modelling project depending on what your teacher has set.

Area of a Square or Rectangle S1 MP3

Missing side of a Cuboid given the Volume S1 MP1 and 2

Surface Area of a Cuboid S1 MP1 and 2

Volume of a Cuboid S1 MP1 and 2