Friday Bundle 27.08.21

Hello again everyone, I hope you have enjoyed and are making the most of this spell of wonderful weather.

Attachments this week are: 

CONCERN FROM LOCAL RESIDENTS Re PARKING- Unfortunately, I have been contacted by local residents in relation to parking at school drop off and pick up times.  Below is one such communication, and I have of course agreed to share this with all parents and carers of Netherlee.  I would like to request that you always give due consideration to local residents and are also mindful of the need for Emergency Service Vehicles to be able to access the school, nursery and all residential properties at any time.  If you notice anything of concern yourself, in relation to this, please contact ERC Community Wardens on 0800 013 0076 or contact the police on 101.  Thank you on behalf of local residents and also myself.

I am a local resident, at school pick up time parents park their cars on the double yellow lines on Linnpark Avenue and park on the pavement behind the double yellow lines on the corner of the residents car park this restricts the view of residents leaving the car parks and also narrows the roadway where cars cannot pass each other.
Many of the local residents are elderly and some disabled, who use zimmers and walking frames and they are forced to walk on the road due to cars parked on the pavement.

Can you please ask “If you are a parent who parks illegally in Linnpark avenue or parks on the pavement can you please have some consideration for others?”.

SCHOOL UNIFORM RECYCLING and PTA ORDERING OPTIONS- Thank you, once again, for supporting the wearing of school uniform for all pupils within Netherlee.  Please see the attached flyer in relation to this.

PARENT COUNCIL MEETING-  The first meeting, for this session, of the Parent Council will take place on Wednesday 8th September at 7pm.  This will be a virtual meeting and the Parent Council will provide further information to parents in due course. All parents and carers of Netherlee are welcome to attend any Parent Council Meeting and it would be really lovely to see some new faces come along.  Please remember that useful Parent Council information is also available on our website.

HEALTH AND SAFETY, ALLERGIES- We have several children and staff who have a range of allergies and as such I require to remind all parents that Netherlee is a nut free school.  Staff have brought to my attention that some children are bringing chocolate type spreads, which contain nuts, to school for snacks or in sandwiches eg Nutella or similar. In order to keep everyone in Netherlee as safe as possible, I would respectfully ask you to check ingredients of food items and to please avoid all such products for snack or in packed lunches.  Thank you for your help with this important matter.

MEET THE TEACHER As you are aware, continuing and current, Scottish Government Guidance means that we are not yet able to welcome parents into the school.  However, I am really pleased that we are going to hold virtual, live Meet the Teacher Sessions very soon.  Please see the attached letter which provides you with more information in relation to this.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, please get in touch with us whenever needed and enjoy this continuing glorious weather.

Mrs Yvonne Donaldson
Head Teacher