NNC Friday Bundle 26.03.21

Hello again everyone

We have had another busy, happy and fun filled week in nursery and we also have some really lovely, heart-warming news to share. One of the local, elderly residents who was out a walk stopped for a chat and told us that it’s the highlight of her day when she goes on her daily exercise passed the Acorns Nursery building and hears the children’s laughter and their happy wee giggles and voices. She reminisced about last Autumn, when we shared our surplus apples from the nursery tree with the local community and explained that she had taken a few for herself and her friends. This lovely lady offered to donate some bedding plants to us as a very kind “thank you” gesture. It was so lovely to be able to explain our plans for our new planters to her and how this includes the school and nursery sharing our home grown vegetables with the community once again too.  It was just such a lovely moment and especially so when, as she was walking off, she laughed and said ‘I’ll be able to make a lovely pot of soup with all your veg!’ Sometimes it’s these unplanned moments that remind us all about what is important and the impact that our actions can have on others.

As part of our ongoing reflection and improvements, our staff team have discussed how we plan within each nursery bubble/ zone and the ways that we share the children’s learning with you. For our planning, we always start with the interests of our children or a seasonal/cultural focus.  We really want to reflect in the Learning Links where this spark of interest has come from and why the children are engaging in particular playful learning experiences. Therefore, from today, the Learning Links we share with you will reflect this and the ways staff are extending current interests within your child’s own bubble/ zone. You will see that lots of learning experiences are on offer for our children and they can choose to be involved or engaged in a combination of child led and/ or adult led activities. We hope you find the changes to our Learning Links make it easier for you to see the opportunities available for your child and the reason (spark) which has started off the learning. As always, we welcome any feedback or any comments from you about these changes.

We would like to remind everyone that nursery closes for the spring holiday next week, with our last day being Thursday 1st April.  We are of course open until 6pm as normal however, should you wish to collect your child any earlier whilst picking up siblings from school,  we ask that you pick up either before 2.15pm or after the school playgrounds are clear from around 2.40pm.  Thank you for your help and understanding with this.

Finally, please see the attached letter from Netherlee’s P7 House Captains who, along with two members of staff, have worked very hard to plan and organise a fun, optional activity for our children and families to enjoy.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Yvonne Donaldson (HT) and Angela Kerr (PT)